50 FT Jackrabbit IPA by Texas Ale Project

50 FT Jackrabbit IPA by Texas Ale Project

I hadn’t had a really good IPA in a few weeks.  Blame winter and dark beer I guess.

I grabbed this bad boy out of the fridge on a Friday night with hopes of a heavy dose of lupulin.

Here is what Texas Ale Project has to say about 50 FT Jackrabbit:

But expect to be greeted by a surprising smoothness and a composed presence of tropical and citrus humulus lupulus. Only spotted in Texas, this IPA is our celebration of the most flavorful American grown hops.
ABV %: 7.0 IBUs: 70”

Sounds promising based on their description.

I couldn’t find any details on the specific hops that TAP used in this beer, so I reached out to them.  Their office manager was nice enough to respond with some more details about 50 FT Jackrabbit:

“This IPA is dry-hopped with a refreshing blend of Cascade, Citra, and several other sought-after American hop varieties.

The ale and the name came about because we wanted to present DFW fans (and beyond) with a stellar, well-balanced IPA that was all about the celebration of American-grown hops. Big jackrabbit, big hops…get it? But the name is also a tribute to the large jackrabbit cut out billboard signs across the Texas highways.”

They also said that they have a stuffed jackrabbit mascot that roams the brewery offices, so keep an eye out for him if you are ever at the brewery.

I thought that I tasted Citra hops while I was drinking this beer, so maybe I’m actually getting good at this?  Or probably more likely, everyone is just using Citra hops right now.

50 FT Jackrabbit in glass

50 FT Jackrabbit in glass

Now for the taste test:

50 FT Jackrabbit pours out a golden straw color with a thick head of white foam.

It smells really piney and grapefruity, and also, sort of juicy somehow.  I realize that juicy is a weird way to describe a smell, but that’s what I though at the time.

There are definitely some tropical elements to the aroma that came out more on my second sniff.  Pineapple and maybe peach or apricot.

The flavor is really smooth with a juicy finish.

I got lots of tropical flavor from the hops.  My guess at the time was that there were some Citra hops in the mix.

There is also a nice amount of bitterness from the hops that gives the beer a crisp feel.

I also got a slight bit of sweetness from the malts, but this beer really is all about the hops.

This is my kind of beer.  It’s hoppy and smooth and delicious.  Keep an eye out for it, and it’s big brother 100 Million Angels Singing Double IPA.  That one sounds like a winner, too.

I have a can of Texas Ale Project’s Fire Ant Funeral Red Ale in my fridge right now, so stay tuned for that review.

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