A Lost Epic Belgian Tripel by Peticolas Brewing Co

A Lost Epic Belgian Tripel by Peticolas Brewing Co

A Lost Epic Belgian Tripel by Peticolas Brewing Co

A Lost Epic Belgian Tripel by Peticolas Brewing Co

I saw Peticolas Brewing Co post recently about the return of A Lost Epic Belgian Tripel.  I’ve had a couple of really good Tripels lately (Freaky Deaky by Oak Highlands & Family Trip by Bitter Sisters), so I was really looking forward to grabbing some of this Peticolas brew.

Belgian Tripels are typically around 10% ABV, so that is a nice bonus, also.

Here is what Peticolas Brewing Co says about A Lost Epic:

“Our Tripel has a sunny golden-orange color with rocky white head. A complex, mild spice accentuates a light fruity-ester aroma while the overall hop aroma remains low. The use of pale malts result in brisk malty palate containing a hint of sweetness in the center, but with a light dry finish. Hop bitterness is medium and tends to equalize the balance of malt. The alcohol strength and flavor is clearly evident. Our Tripel’s medium body and high alcohol content contribute a pleasant vanilla like creaminess. This beer is highly carbonated to bring flavor to the forefront. As this beer warms, its flavors flourish.

What’s in a beer name? In this case, the brewery’s name. A LOST EPIC is an anagram of PETICOLAS.”

Now for the taste test:

A Lost Epic pours out a rich golden color with a head of white foam.

I got a good mix of all of the typical Belgian yeast characteristics on my first whiff.  The smell of this beer is a great mix of spice, bubble gum and tart fruit.  There is also some biscuity smell from the malts.

The flavor of this beer is amazingly balanced between the yeast, the hops and the malts.

There is a great spice from the Belgian yeast that mixes really well with the biscuit notes from the malts.

The spice from the yeast gives way to some great fruity ester flavors with some bubble gum notes mixed in there as well.

Those fruity flavors and the malt give this beer a slightly sweet element to balance out the spice that hits early in each sip.

I thought that the hops gave this beer a nice bite to the finish that leaves you with some lasting fruit flavor after each sip.

Surprisingly, the high ABV didn’t jump out of the glass at me.  It’s blends nicely into the overall flavor profile which is impressive at 11%.

Peticolas Brewing Co focuses on balance in all of their beers, and I don’t think that it’s ever been more clear to me than with A Lost Epic.  No single flavor is dominating, and that makes for an amazingly complex and super enjoyable beer.

This is a great beer.  As always with Peticolas, this beer is keg only, so head over to your favorite growler fill or local-beer-friendly restaurant for this beer.

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