Ascension Coffee Porter by Community Beer Co

Ascension Coffee Porter by Community Beer Co

Ascension Coffee Porter by Community Beer Co

Ascension Coffee Porter by Community Beer Co

I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old, so I’m a big coffee drinker.  I really don’t have any other choice in my life if I want to function at all.  The story about Les Miles being rushed to the hospital after overdosing on coffee hit really close to home for me.

Anyways, I always like to see dark beers that are infused with coffee.  They typically make for some really great flavors.

On a recent visit with Community, I mentioned that a local taproom had some Ascension Coffee Porter, and they looked at me like I was crazy.  Apparently they had only released a few kegs of this beer in August of 2015, so they didn’t realize that any of it was still available.

After that I rushed out and got a growler.  Community is releasing a big batch of this beer later this year (November I think), but I didn’t want to wait that long.

They also mentioned that they have done a version of ACP that is aged on vanilla beans.  I want that real bad, so if I see any around, I will grab it.

Here is what Community says about Ascension Coffee Porter:

“Ascension Coffee Porter

This beer was born from two passions: brewing beer and brewing coffee.

With the expertise of our nearby coffee gurus at Ascension Coffee House, we’ve infused a mighty coffee character in this special seasonal beer.

The base beer began as a high gravity dark lager style, called Baltic Porter, with a rich and roasty malty character.  We then infused expertly brewed, cold-steeped coffee into the fermented and finished beer, giving the immense aroma and flavor of Sumatra coffee beans.  If you like coffee and craft beer, this special lager is right up your alley!


Beer Style……………………….Baltic Porter


Recommended Glass……..Beligan Glass

Original Gravity…………………………17.7 Plato

Alcohol By Volume……………………..6.9%

International Bitterness Units……40

Tasting Notes:

Nearly black with a thick, off-white head, the aroma bursts with notes of freshly brewed coffee, cocoa and dark fruits.  The flavor is mildy roasty and smooth with a medium body and just the right amount of alcohol to keep it refreshing and drinkable.”

Like a lot of their other beers, this Community Beer Co. offering has won multiple awards from different festivals.  That’s always a good sign.

Now on to the taste test:

ACP pours dark, dark brown with a head of tan foam.

It smells strongly of dark chocolate, coffee and roasty malts.  There is some classic porter vanilla aroma in there in addition to the traditional porter malt and yeast smell.

This beer is thick and rich and really tasty.

The dominant flavors are iced coffee and dark chocolate or cocoa.  There are vanilla notes and the classic roasty malt flavor that you would expect from a good quality porter.

You will definitely notice the coffee flavor, but it’s really balanced with the other flavors.  Just think of a good mocha type of flavor.

There is a nice roasty malt finish to this beer that hangs around for a little bit.

Ascension Coffee Porter is super balanced.  I think that this is one of the focuses at Community, so it makes sense that this beer would be no exception.

I highly recommend that you grab a pint or a growler or a keg of this beer if you see it around.

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