Baracus Brown Ale by Noble Rey Brewing Co

Baracus Brown Ale by Noble Rey Brewing Co

Baracus Brown Ale by Noble Rey Brewing Co

Baracus Brown Ale by Noble Rey Brewing Co

I love a good brown ale.  I think it’s an undervalued segment of the craft beer world.

To me, it’s more approachable (and maybe more drinkable) than an IPA, and it’s more versatile than a porter or stout.  Basically, I think that brown ales are really easy-drinking and they usually settle in a really nice ABV level.

I’m not saying that brown ale’s are better than IPAs or porters/stouts.  Just undervalued.

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Noble Rey doesn’t have much in the way of descriptions of beer on their site, so that’s something that I hope they change.  It’s always better to tell people what to expect from you beer besides just the title.

The one thing that I can tell you for sure with the 4 Noble Rey beers that they are currently canning is that the can designs are awesome.

Check this one out:

Baracus Can 1Baracus Can 2

How cool is that?  I love the super clever can designs that some of the DFW Breweries are coming out with.

Now for the taste test:

Baracus Brown Ale in glass

Baracus Brown Ale in glass

Baracus pours out a deep brown color with a thick head of tan foam.  The foam has a nice staying power.

I got lots of roasty malts on the nose with a little bit of sweetness.  I got a slight bit of bitterness from the hops, but they weren’t super prominent in the smell.

This beer has a lot of flavor.

I got coffee and toffee from the malts with a nice roasty finish.  I think that there was even some baking chocolate or cocoa type of flavor in the mix.

There is a slight bit of sweetness from the malts, and that mixes well with the bitterness from the hops.

Overall, Baracus has a good balance between the toasted malts and the bitter hops.  That balanced flavor gives the beer a clean feel with a long toasty and bitter finish.

The more that I drank, the more I thought this beer almost had a nutty flavor working in the background.  That lends nicely to the overall complexity of the beer.

This is a great pub type of beer in my opinion, or that’s the image that came to my mind when I thought about the best place to drink it.  I pictured being in a pub with some kind of sports on and throwing back a few of these bad boys.

I have a couple more Noble Rey beers in my fridge, so stay tuned for some more taste tests.  Baracus Brown Ale was a good start.


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