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Welcome, initiates! You have arrived at The Golden Liquor: A Beginner’s Guide to Beer. We know you have some questions. We’re here to answer them.

You’re welcome.

To Beer or Not To Beer by Amanda Andonian

Why do I need to read a book on beer?

Because you could be enjoying it so much more than you already are. Or start enjoying it if you’re someone who was introduced to beer at a frat party in college, still associates it with a red Solo cup, and thus, wants nothing to do with it.

Knowing the differences between kinds and types of beers will help you find beer you love. Not only that, it’ll also give you the tools to develop an excellent palette and the vocabulary to make you sound like a pro. Everyone will be impressed. Really. We asked them.

How am I going to use a book on beer in my everyday life?

You’d be surprised how many situations would be better with beer. Now you’ll have a book to guide you so you don’t miss another one.

But specifically. When will I use this?

Specifically? Dinner tonight. What are you having? You know what, don’t even tell us. Just look it up in the book.

The Golden Liquor suggests excellent beer pairings for all your delicious, cuisine-y needs.

Do I have to read the whole thing?

No. If you just want to know about lagers, you can go read about lagers. The ancient, weird history of beer (did you know early Egyptians gave it to the slaves to keep them sleepy and away from thoughts of uprising?) won’t suddenly show up again later in the book.  Each section can be enjoyed individually.

But you should read the whole thing. Reading goes great with beer.

What else is in this book?

Introduction – Becoming a Beer Connoisseur Then and Now – A (Somewhat) Brief History of Beer The Brewing Process Getting Started with Beer Tasting A Simple Guide to Beer Styles Ales Lagers Glossary Additional Reading

Okay. I’m in. Where can I get it?

Click Here!


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