Black Ale by TUPPS Brewery

Black Ale by TUPPS Brewery

Black Ale by TUPPS Brewery

Black Ale by TUPPS Brewery

This is my second beer to try from TUPPS Brewery.  Check out the first one here:


I haven’t had a beer that was labeled as a Black Ale in a long time.  I feel like breweries tend more towards doing Stouts, Porters & Brown Ales just to try to keep from confusing people.

I have had a couple Golden Stouts recently, so I was kind of expecting this beer to fall somewhere between Stout and Golden Stout.

Here is what TUPPS says about their Black Ale:

“To Be Consumed from Sun Up to Sun Up
Dark in color but very light in body. Easy on the alcohol but heavy on the rich smooth flavor.”

Black Ale is 5.6% ABV and 36.2 IBUs.

I was going to post a shot of the side of the can, but it’s the same description as above, so I’ll skip that.

I searched for a style description that would fit this beer, and there really wasn’t anything.  It definitely doesn’t fit their version of a Black Ale which tends more towards a Black IPA, and the only thing that they have under Sweet Stout is the English Style Milk Stout which this beer is definitely not.

Now for the taste test:

Black Ale by TUPPS Brewery in Glass

Black Ale by TUPPS Brewery in Glass

First off, not my finest pour, but I thought that the spilled beer around the glass made the picture look kind of raw and cool.

Anyways, Black Ale pours dark, dark brown with a head of tan foam.

I got a nice chocolately and roasty aroma.  You can smell some sweetness on this beer.  Overall, it was a good dark beer aroma.

This beer has a good, smooth flavor overall with baking chocolate on the finish.

I got good roast malt note throughout with a nice level of sweetness.  Everything seemed to maintain a nice balance between dark malts and sweetness.

Black Ale is definitely like a light version of a Stout, but it still has a full enough body to feel like a dark beer.  I thought that it was light, but not too light.

You really get all the classic Stout flavors just with a little sweetness added in and a little bit of the alcohol taken off.

I think that this beer has a much longer drinking season than your average stout.  As long as it wasn’t blazingly hot, you could probably enjoy a cold Black Ale.

Also, I felt like I could drink a few of these without bloating up or paying for it too much the next morning, so that certainly has it’s appeal.

The other thing that jumped out to me is that this could a stepping stone for someone who says that they don’t like dark beer because it has a lot of the classic Stout flavor, but it’s scaled back a little.

Overall, I enjoyed this beer and plan to get more.  The funny thing is that I would probably go for something heavier if it was really cold out, but if I ever feel like a dark beer in the warmer months, I think this will be right at the top of my list.

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