Black Jack Brown Ale by Four Bullets Brewery

Black Jack Brown Ale by Four Bullets Brewery

Black Jack Brown Ale by Four Bullets Brewery

Black Jack Brown Ale by Four Bullets Brewery

I saw this beer on the Lakewood Growler tap list (where I spend far too much of my time), and I thought this might be a good beer to drink while watching football over the weekend.

Before I went over and bought a growler, I reached out to Four Bullets for more info on this beer.

Jeff Douglas (co-owner of Four Bullets) was nice enough to respond to my inquiry.  Here is what he said about Black Jack Brown Ale:

“Black Jack Brown is the very first beer my brew partner and I made together. He is English and has been brewing going on 30 years. English style beers are his favorite, and he really got me into them. We called this our signature beer when we opened the brewery and still is both of our favorite beer.

Also, more info on the brown – it’s a northern brown ale, hints of caramel with a tad of chocolate over tones….. it has some slight bitterness with a smooth finish.  ABV 5.5%”

Here is what says an English Brown Ale should resemble:

English-style brown ales range from dryer (Northern English) to sweeter (Southern English) maltiness. Roast malt tones (chocolate, nutty) may sometimes contribute to the flavor and aroma profile. Hop bitterness is very low to low, with very little hop flavor and aroma. Known for rich and advanced malt aroma and flavor without centering too much on hops, this style is extremely sessionable and food-friendly.”

Now on to the taste test:

Black Jack Brown Ale pours out a fairly dark brown color with an off white head of foam.  The beer was a little darker than I expected.

I got a ton of caramel and chocolate malt aroma.  This beer smells really good and roasty.

The flavor follows the smell pretty closely.  I got tons of caramel and chocolate malt flavors.  The malts give this beer a good depth and body.

There is a slight amount of bitterness to Black Jack that gives the beer a crisp element.  That’s about it for hops, though.

There really isn’t any sweetness to the beer, so Jeff is dead on with the northern brown ale description.

This beer is really smooth and drinkable.  I can see suddenly realizing that you’ve had way more of this beer than you meant to because of that.

I always try to think about what environment each beer that I try would work best in, and this beer would be great on a cool fall night.  I could see this beer working perfectly around a campfire on a cool night or at a tailgate later in the football season.

Four Bullets is open Saturdays from 12-6 for tours, so go check them out.  Allegedly they rotate through different beers at their taproom (like an ESB, a porter, etc.), so it’s probably worth going out there a few times.

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