Bockslider Texas Bock by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

Bockslider Texas Bock by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

Bockslider Texas Bock by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

Bockslider Texas Bock by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

The last Bock style beer that I had from a DFW brewery was the Revolver Bock and that was some good stuff.

It’s funny.  The whole Bock style of beer isn’t typically the first that I reach for, but I really do like it.  There’s something great about a darker beer that doesn’t totally bog you down.

I have to admit that I had a really hard time deciding between Bockslider and the Cellarman’s Reserve Single Hop IPA.  I can’t actually remember the last time that I was this stuck between two beers.

I picked the Bockslider, but I’ll be back for the Cellarman’s.  Trust me.

Here is what Martin House has to say about their Texas Bock:


Bockslider is the official beer of Fort Worth’s own Toadies. An easy-drinking, copper-colored, lightly-hopped beer perfect for on-stage, backstage, or anywhere your rock music takes you.

Bockslider Can

Bockslider Can

Adventure Pairing:

You’ve been good all year and we’re proud of you, but sometimes you need a break.  Loosen your tie, grab those Bocksliders from the fridge and lets rage with our favorite Fort Worth rock band – The Toadies.  Its ok to Backslide a little bit – we won’t judge.”

Here is what says a Bock style beer should resemble:

Traditional bocks are all-malt brews and are high in malt sweetness. Malt character should be a balance of sweetness and toasted or nut-like malt. ‘Bock’ translates as “goat!””

Now on to the taste test:

This beer pours out brown with a thin head of off white foam.

Bockslider has tons of toasty malts on the nose.  I didn’t get much in the way of hops.  The smell really is dominated by malts.

Bockslider in Glass

Bockslider in Glass

The flavor follows the smell pretty closely.  You get a great toasty malt flavor with only a slight bit of bitter hops.

Bockslider almost has an iced coffee type of quality to it.  That’s probably because of the good roasty quality of the beer.

To me, this is a great example of a beer where the roast malts shine through without the beer getting too heavy.

I really like this beer, and I plan to get my hands on some more before Martin House stops making it.

I drank some of these bad boys at the lake in early July, and it was surprisingly refreshing in the dead heat of summer.  I wasn’t exacting that, so it was a pleasant surprise.

I actually wrote out the original draft of this post without saying anything about the Toadies, and that’s not great.

They were huge when I was in middle school and high school, plus I randomly saw them at a Stars game a few years ago.  It’s really cool to see them celebrated by a local brewery, and the added bonus is that the beer that carries their name is fantastic.

Be honest, at some point in your life, you and your friends have throw around a bunch of theories about what Possum Kingdom is actually about.  Something to do with a dead body that was found floating in the lake?  Maybe?

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