Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale by Audacity Brew House

Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale by Audacity Brew House

Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale by Audacity Brew House

Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale by Audacity Brew House

This is my first Audacity Brew House beer, so that’s always exciting.  I love to see new local beers at my favorite beer store.

I saw cans of Bulletproof Pale Ale and Sunset Vienna Lager and went straight for the pale ale.  I’m not the biggest lager guy unless it’s the dead heat of the summer.  I think it was April when I bought this beer.

Here is what Audacity Brew House says about Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale:

“Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale

Brewed with Texas craft malts and Texas-grown grapefruit, dry-hopped for a strong citrus aroma, a subtle honey-like sweetness and a crisp, easy to drink finish.

5.2% ABV  47 IBU”

I love grapefruit flavor in beer whether it be from hops or from the fruit itself.  That’s what originally made me fall in love with IPAs years ago.  Maybe my taste buds are just old and dead, but I love that bitter flavor.

Now for the taste test:

Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale in glass

Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale in glass

Audacity Texas Pale Ale pours golden orange with a thick head of slightly off white foam.  There was a really thick head on this beer.

The aroma on this beer is really nice and balanced between the malts and hops.  There is some biscuity type sweetness to the aroma, and some bitter and piney hops on the nose.

I really started to smell the grapefruit after the first couple whiffs.

The flavor on this beer is really smooth and crisp with a nice balance.

The finish is really long and bitter and hoppy.  I really liked that element of this beer.

There are nice bready and sweet malts to balance out the bitter hop and grapefruit flavor.

After a few drinks, I felt like this beer had almost a danky kind of quality from the grapefruit.  It’s really good.

I think that this is a flavorful beer that you could actually drink during a Texas summer, and the heat wouldn’t mess up the flavor.  It may be a little too heavy for like a 105 degree day, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

I used to have a boat (not a brag, potentially the worst decision I’ve ever made), and it was right before all these DFW breweries started canning awesome beer.  This would have been a great boat beer for a day on the lake.  Oh well.  I guess I need a friend with a boat.

Hopefully Audacity starts canning more of their beer because this one was really good.

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