Citra On Top IPA by 903 Brewers Taste Test

Citra On Top IPA by 903 Brewers Taste Test

Citra On Top IPA by 903 Brewers Taste Test

Citra On Top IPA by 903 Brewers Taste Test

I’ve posted reviews about several 903 Brewers beers, and they make really good stuff.  If you like dark beers, Sasquatch Chocolate Milk Stout and Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter are huge winners in my book.

I reached out to Jeremy Roberts (he founded 903 Brewers with his wife Natalie), and he was nice enough to respond with some background on Citra On Top:

“Citra On Top is our summer IPA. It was originally named Sugar On Top IPA because of the brown sugar we add on top at the end of the boil. Then we realized that Citra is such an awesome hop, so why not showcase the Citra! So this year we changed the name to Citra on top IPA and we have seen a huge increase in sales by just changing the name alone.”

Thanks to him for the response.  I really appreciate it.  It’s always cool to get a little extra background from brewers, and I’m glad to hear that sales are good for this offering.

I’m currently trying to finagle my way into one of their Sasquatch glasses, but their website shows that they are sold out.  Anyone want to hook me with up with one?  No?  Okay … moving on then.

Citra On Top Can

Citra On Top Can

I did a little internet searching for more details on Citra hops and here is what I came up with:

It’s an aroma hop that delivers strong citrus and tropical aromas including tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee.

I understand why those chose to highlight this hop.  It sounds awesome, although I have no idea what lychee is.

Now on to the taste test:

Citra On Top pours out slighty hazy and amber in color with a head of slightly off white foam.  It’s almost the color of apple juice.

I got tons of tropical fruit aromas.  Pineapple led the way, but I got a lot of peach and apricot aromas also.  It’s a really great smell.

The flavor is really smooth.  You get some hop bitterness with a blend of all of the same tropical fruit flavors from the smell.

Citra On Top in glass

Citra On Top in glass

The brown sugar leaves a slight molasses flavor in the background of this beer.  It’s present, but not overpowering at all.  It actually works really well with the Citra hop flavors.  It’s a little sweet, but not too sweet.

The more I drank the more piney and resinous hop flavor started to come out in the beer.

It’s a funny thought to me to brew a summer IPA that isn’t a session beer, but I can see it with this beer.

It actually feels a lot lighter than it is.  I mean, the ABV on this beer is 7.9%, so you would expect that one to set you back into your chair a little.

This is some really tasty beer.  I never got to try their Sugar On Top IPA, but I image that was pretty good too.

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