Crackin’ Up Coffee Pecan Porter by 903 Brewers

Crackin’ Up Coffee Pecan Porter by 903 Brewers

Crackin' Up Coffee Pecan Porter by 903 Brewers

Crackin’ Up Coffee Pecan Porter by 903 Brewers

Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter from 903 Brewers is a really good beer.  Check out my taste test of it HERE.

903 decided to produce a version of this beer with the addition of coffee which sounds like an awesome idea to me.  I saw this bomber at Specs, and was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price.

I feel like sometimes the pricing on bombers can hit the upper end of what I consider reasonable, so I’m always happy to see one that is under $10.

Here is what 903 says about their Coffee Pecan Porter on their blog:

“This month are doing a very small special release of our Coffee Pecan Porter in 22 oz bottles. We take our Crackin’ Up and add in coffee expertly selected by our friends at Mo’ Joe A Go-Go for its bold cocoa flavor, rich, nutty sweetness, and accents of bittersweet chocolate. The end result is sweet, smooth porter. We have previously done very limited keg releases of this beer and it was a real hit. Look for this to hit store shelves in the next week or so. It will be a very limited release so get it while you can!”

Now for the taste test:

Crackin’ Up Coffee Pecan Porter pours out dark, dark brown with a thick head of tan foam.  The beer itself looks really thick, as well.

The smell is a mix of classic porter aromas like vanilla and chocolate mixed with coffee.  The aroma is almost decadent like an iced mocha or a jamocha shake (for anyone who is a fan of Arby’s).

Crackin' Up Coffee Pecan Porter in glass

Crackin’ Up Coffee Pecan Porter in glass

903 definitely went for a lot of coffee flavor in this beer.  It’s not like a hint of coffee or anything like that.  It’s a good, strong coffee flavor that gives the beer a nice bitter note and evens out any sweetness from the malts.

All of the coffee flavor blends really well with the vanilla and chocolate flavor from the original porter.

I thought that the pecan flavor really came out at the end of each sip and gave the beer kind of nutty coffee sort of vibe.  Almost like hazelnut coffee except sub in pecans.

I really enjoyed this beer, and I think that I will buy more if I see it around.  I think that my local Specs still had some the last time I was there.

I would recommend getting it soon for a couple of reasons if you are looking to try it.  First, this was a “Limited Release” so it will go reasonably quickly.  Second, this would not be quite as good in the dead heat summer.  I think that everyone would appreciate it a lot more on a cool Spring evening.

I have a can of the 903 Trot Line Saison in my fridge, so stay tuned for that taste test.

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