Community Mosaic IPA Taste Test

Community Mosaic IPA Taste Test

Community Mosaic IPA

Community Mosaic IPA

I am amped about this post.  I’ve been drinking Community Mosaic IPA for a few years, so this is a fitting way to start the blog.

I should probably lead this off by saying that IPAs are my favorite type of beer.  Something about the delicious hoppy-ness and the high alcohol content really has me hooked.  So much so, that I’ve even been able to get my wife to start drinking IPAs and actually enjoying them.  That took a little work.

Community is still on my list of breweries to tour, but I’ll get there.  I just had my second kiddo, so free time is hard to come by.

Anyways, let’s get into this tasty local offering.

What Community says about this beer:

Community Mosaic IPA Details

Community Mosaic IPA Details

“Mosaic  IPA​

This is not your average IPA.  From the incredible nose, to the amazing finish, this IPA is one that both session drinkers and beer nerds alike will love.

We’re full on board the hopwagon with this big American-style IPA.  However, it is not designed to blow your head off with overpowering hop bitterness.  Instead, Mosaic IPA is an extremely well-balanced brew that showcases its unique hop aroma and flavor.​

This beer gets its name from a new hop variety named “Mosaic,” which is predominantly where the immense, raw hop aroma and flavor is derived.  Mosaic IPA has a noticeable malt backbone to help soften the high level of hop bitterness and flavor, while keeping the body fairly light.

The word “Mosaic” is also representative of the diverse range of individuals that make up our community.  It’s perfect in every way!

Community Mosaic IPA in glass

Community Mosaic IPA in glass


Beer Style……………………….India Pale Ale

Color:………………………………Golden Amber

Recommended Glass……..English Pub Nonic

Original Gravity…………………………17.6 Plato

Alcohol By Volume……………………..7.5%

International Bitterness Units……85

Tasting Notes:

The deep golden/light amber color of this IPA comes from the use of a blend of English Maris Otter and American pale base malts.  Sparing use of English crystal malt lends some caramel sweetness to help balance the hefty bitterness.  Heady aromas of blueberry, pine, citrus and tropical fruit are the result of blending Mosaic hops with several other delicious American hop varieties.  For being a large, hoppy beer it is quite drinkable, in part due to the balancing act of alcohol, malt complexity, and enormous American hop character.”

I’m with them on the smell of pine, but I get a lot of floral hops in the smell also.  It smells pretty much exactly like an IPA should in my humble opinion.

The taste has some similarities to the Sierra Nevada Torpedo, but it’s less bitter.  You get more of that good fresh hoppy and grapefruity flavor than with the Torpedo.

Mosaic IPA is a shout out to some of the great IPAs that are brewed in the Northwest in the heart of the hop growing region.  Somehow Community must have been able to fight some of the really good and really fresh hops away from those breweries.

This is definitely a big, heavy hitter of a beer, but it really might be the best DFW brewed IPA.  I think that some other local breweries try to put their spin on the IPA (Lakewood Brewery), but Community really hit the nail on the head.  This is what I want and expect when I pop open an India Pale Ale.

Thanks for the read.  I’ve got 2 more Dallas brewed IPAs in the fridge, so stay tuned for those.


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