Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter By 903 Brewers Taste Test

Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter By 903 Brewers Taste Test

Crackin Up Pecan Porter By 903 Brewers Taste Test

Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter By 903 Brewers Taste Test

I’ve tried several of the 903 Brewers offerings, and they have never disappointed me.  Their Sasquatch Chocolate Milk Stout is one of my favorite beers.

I waited to try the Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter because I’ve only ever seen it in the 22 oz bottles, and I typically buy 12 oz cans and bottles.  I broke down the last time I was at Total Wine and decided that I didn’t feel like waiting to try it anymore.

Here is what 903 Brewers has to say about their Pecan Porter:

Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter– This is a robust porter infused with a classic Texas ingredient, pecans. It is full bodied and a little on the sweet side. Its bold flavor comes from roasted malt, its generous hop additions, and toasted pecans. ABV 8.5%
Pairs Well With: Barbeque, Steak, Pecan Pie”

Here is what says a Robust Porter should resemble:


Often features more bitter and roasted malt flavor than a brown porter, but not quite as much as a stout. Robust porters have a roast malt flavor, often reminiscent of cocoa, but no roast barley flavor. Their caramel and malty sweetness is in harmony with the sharp bitterness of black malt. Hop bitterness is evident. With U.S. craft brewers doing so much experimentation in beer styles and ingredients, the lines between certain stouts and porters are often blurred. Yet many deliberate examples of these styles do exist. Diacetyl is acceptable at very low levels.”

Keep in mind that Crackin’ Up is on the extreme heavy end of the Robust Porter scale with it’s 8.5% ABV.

Crackin' Up Pecan Porter in Glass

Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter in Glass

Now on to the taste test.

This Pecan Porter pours dark, dark brown with a thick head of tan foam.  The foam hangs around for a little bit.

I got a slightly sweet aroma with vanilla and dark malts.  This beer definitely smells like you would expect from a porter.

Crackin’ Up has tons of flavor and lots going on.  You get lots of dark malt flavor with the classic Porter flavors of vanilla and roast malts, but the pecans add a distinct flavor.

The nutty flavor from the pecans blend so well with the vanilla flavor from the porter.  It’s a really great mix of flavors.

This beer is sweet, but not overly sweet.  903 did a great job of keeping the beer from taking on any kind of candy-type flavor.

It’s definitely a big, heavy beer, and it took me some time to get all the way through my glass.  That’s probably not a huge surprise for a beer like this though.

I really enjoyed this beer.  I had it in July, so it was a little out of place with the weather but still really good.  I think this beer would be much more at home in the November to February time frame.

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