Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Double Brown Stout Taste Test

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Double Brown Stout Taste Test

Deep Ellum Brewing Co Double Brown Stout

Deep Ellum Brewing Co Double Brown Stout

I looked up the style of this beer on the Deep Ellum website, and I wound up having to go to the beer style section of to see what the heck it was supposed to be.

Here is the description from Deep Ellum:

“‘Stout’ for many years meant a Porter of substantial strength and at several times and places in history the term ‘Double Brown Stout’ has signified a variety dark, strong brews. Our favorite is the Scandinavian or Baltic version, emphasizing the chocolate-y and dark dried fruit character over the burnt or ashy roast flavors of some its cousins. Unlike most members of the Stout and Porter family, our DBS is fermented with a lager yeast (rather than ale), whose cleaner fermentation profile allows the malt and hop flavors do the talking.

STYLE:  Baltic Porter

HOPS:  US Goldings, Mt. Hood,  US Northern Brewer, Summit

MALTS:  Pale Ale, Munich light,   Brown, Munich dark, Oats,   Crystal Rye, Extra Dark Crystal, Dehusked Chocolate

YEAST:  California Lager

OTHER:  Blackstrap Molasses”

So here is the description of a Baltic Porter from

“A smooth, cold-fermented and cold-lagered beer brewed with lager yeast. Because of its alcoholic strength, it may include very low to low complex alcohol flavors and/or lager fruitiness such as berries, grapes and plums (but not banana; ale-like fruitiness from warm-temperature fermentation is not appropriate). This style has the malt flavors of a brown porter and the roast of a schwarzbier, but is bigger in alcohol and body.”

Double Brown Stout in Glass

Double Brown Stout in Glass

I think that you get a lot of the chocolately and malty aromas that you would expect from a typical Stout, so from a smell standpoint, this beer delivered on my expectations of what a strong stout should smell like.

The flavor profile is really interesting.  I totally got what the brewery describes with the lager yeast.  I didn’t really taste any of the roasty-ness that most stouts deliver.

My notes from this taste test literally say, “Great flavor.  Kinda bitter like coffee.  Dark, dark chocolate.  Smooth flavor.  Lots going on, but not overpowering.”

I really liked this beer.  The lager yeast changes the flavor profile quite a bit, so you get a lot more of the smooth coffee and chocolate flavors.  It has a really clean flavor profile, and like I wrote in my notes, there is a lot going on without being overpowering.

According to Beer Advocate this beer weights in at 7.00% abv, which puts it in a good range in my humble opinion.

I am not sure if the Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout is still available anywhere (someone please tell me that it is), but I’m definitely on the hunt for it after trying to DBS.

Hopefully the CCDBS hasn’t gone the way of Deep Ellum’s Rye Pils and Farm House Wit.  Those were both fantastic, and according to the Deep Ellum website, they are not longer available.  Insert sad face.

I have a Dreamcrusher Double IPA from Deep Ellum in my fridge right now, so keep your eyes open for that review.

Thanks for the read.  Hit me up at with any comments or suggestions.

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