Deep Ellum Pale Ale Taste Test

Deep Ellum Pale Ale Taste Test

Deep Ellum Pale Ale Taste Test

Deep Ellum Pale Ale Taste Test

I’m a big fan of the Deep Ellum Brewing Co’s IPA.  Like a huge fan.  That beer is just hops on hops on hops on hops.

However, you aren’t always in the right environment to drink a beer that big and hoppy.  So that is where the Deep Ellum Pale Ale comes in.

Supposedly it has the same hop heart as the IPA, but it’s turned down a little bit.

Here is what DEBC has to say about their Pale Ale:

“Here at DEBC, we are in constant pursuit of the perfect pint. To that end, we’ve brewed up an American Pale Ale that falls in between our Dallas Blonde and our IPA. Is it malty? Yep! Is it hoppy? You bet! Our Deep Ellum Pale Ale is brewed, simply because it’s a beer that we like to drink. It’s a beer after our own hearts and yours!”

Here is what says an American Pale Ale should resemble:

An American interpretation of a classic English style. Characterized by fruity, floral and citrus-like American-variety hop character, producing medium to medium-high hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. American-style pale ales have medium body and low to medium maltiness that may include low caramel malt character.”

Deep Ellum Pale Ale in Glass

Deep Ellum Pale Ale in Glass

Deep Ellum Pale Ale pours a rich copper color with a thick head of white foam that dissipates semi-quickly.

This beer smells really fresh and hoppy.  You get a lot of piney aromas, but not quite as much as the Deep Ellum IPA.

You can definitely smell some caramel malts, but they are not quite as strong as the hops.

This beer is super smooth and not overly hoppy.  The first sip is super balanced.

I got a lot more piney hops flavor on the second sip.  It had similar qualities to some of the Pacific Northwest beers that I’ve tried.  This is a bit bolder than your average pale ale.

Deep Ellum Pale Ale really is a toned down version of their IPA.  It has really similar qualities without being quite as in-your-face.

This is a really drinkable beer, and probably a pretty good choice for warmer temps.  I think that Deep Ellum is exactly right when they say that this beer falls perfectly between their IPA and Blonde Ale.

In scorching weather, you would probably reach for the Blonde Ale over this Pale Ale, but you would have a lot more of a debate on your hands in most other climates.

I have some Dallas Blondes and Neato Banditos in my fridge right now, so stay tuned for those taste tests.

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