DFDub Dunkelweizen by Oak Highlands Brewery

DFDub Dunkelweizen by Oak Highlands Brewery

DFDub Dunkelweizen by Oak Highlands Brewery

DFDub Dunkelweizen by Oak Highlands Brewery

Oak Highlands Brewery recently had a tap takeover at Lakewood Growler, and they left some kegs behind.  So for about a week you could get a growler filled with most of their beers.

I heard a rumor that Oak Highlands moved into the old Lakewood Brewing Co facility near 635 and Plano Road, but Brad from OHB told me that they built their brewery from scratch.  In reality, Lakewood Brewery just expanded, so they are in the same location, just with double the facility.

They are about 5 minutes from my house, so I have to admit that I am really excited to see a brewery that is basically from my neighborhood.

I managed to get over to Lakewood Growler in time for a growler of DFDub Dunkelweizen.  I tried samples of that and their Oktoberfest, and I had a really hard time picking between the two.  Both were really tasty beers, so I’m hoping to get my hands on some of their Oktoberfest before too long.

Anyways, here is what Oak Highlands has to say about DFDub:

“DfDub ™
German Dunkelweizen (dark wheat) style ale. Heavy banana and clove aromas. A dark, slightly cloudy beer with a fresh crisp taste. 7.0% ABV 13 IBU”

Here is what CraftBeer.com says a Dunkelweizen should resemble:

Could be considered a cross between a German-style dunkel and a hefeweizen. Distinguished by its sweet maltiness and chocolate-like character, it can also have banana and clove (and occasionally vanilla or bubblegum) esters from weizen ale yeast.”

Image from OakHighlandsBrewery.com

Now on to the taste test:

DFDub pours out a hazy brown color with a head of white foam.

I got strong aromas of banana and clove with some dark malts in the background.  It’s interesting because it has a lot of the elements of a Bavarian Hefe but with the dark malts mixed in.

The flavor of this beer is super smooth.  That’s the first thing that I really noticed.

You get the classic Bavarian Hefe banana and clove flavors, but it’s a deeper flavor because of the dark malts.

The dark and roasty malts add a really great dimension to this beer.  The flavors are super clean, and this beer is really refreshing.

There is an element of DFWDub that is something like a slightly sweet bread.

I think that this beer is perfect for Spring and Fall weather, and it would be totally at home at an Oktoberfest celebration.

I am not sure if Oak Highlands beer will be at any of the local Oktoberfests, but I highly recommend that you try this one out of it’s available.

Rumor has it that Oak Highlands is going to start canning their beers soon, so keep an eye out for those also.


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