Dreamcrusher Double IPA by Deep Ellum Brewing Company Taste Test

Dreamcrusher Double IPA by Deep Ellum Brewing Company Taste Test

Dreamcrusher Double IPA by Deep Ellum Brewing

Dreamcrusher Double IPA by Deep Ellum Brewing

I’ve had this beer a couple times before this test, but I wasn’t taking vigorous tasting notes back then.  I’m super professional now for you people.

I’ve had a few other double IPAs before like Leviathan by Harpoon, so that’s what I was hoping for with Dreamcrusher.  Basically, all of the hops.  Just hops on hops on hops.

Here is what Deep Ellum has to say about their Double IPA:

“Dreamcrusher – A quantum leap beyond our IPA

It’s no secret, at DEBC, we’re quite fond of hops. Citrusy, piney, floral and fruity hops are at least a third of the reason we got ourselves into this whole brewing adventure. Hops may be the current ruler of the craft beer scene, and we, for one, welcome our resinous, spicy, bitter overlords. We’ve taken the IPA to its Event Horizon. Get the picture? It’s hoppy!

Dreamcrusher Can Art

Dreamcrusher Can Art

STYLE: Double India Pale Ale
HOPS: Magnum, Summit, Apollo, Liberty and MANY more!
MALTS: Pale Ale, Vienna and Honey Malt
YEAST: San Diego Super Yeast”

This is what CraftBeer.com say an Double / Imperial IPA should be:


High hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Hop character is fresh and lively from utilization of any variety of hops. Alcohol content is medium-high to high and notably evident with a medium-high to full body. The intention of this style is to exhibit the fresh and bright character of hops.”

Dreamcrusher pours out a deep copper color with a nice head of foam.  It’s a really inviting color in my humble opinion.

Dreamcrusher in glass

Dreamcrusher in glass

This beer has a heavy hop aroma which is no surprise.  It’s that classic piney and grapefruit type of smell which I really love.  The more you smell it, the more it almost smells sweet and floral, but it still has some hop bitterness in there.  It’s really intriguing.

My tasting notes basically cover every hop characteristic that you can come up with.  The first sips were mostly bitter with some tropical citrus fruit flavor.

As I drank more, the citrus gave way to more of a bitter and piney flavor.  This beer is not for the faint of heart.

The thing that struck me the most was how smooth this beer was.  You don’t always get that with the Double or Imperial versions of any beer style.  That is a really easy drinking beer for a Double IPA.

I really liked the balance of flavors that develop as you drink.  I want more of this beer ASAP.  It’s really good.

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