Family Trip Belgian Tripel by Bitter Sisters Brewing Co

Family Trip Belgian Tripel by Bitter Sisters Brewing Co

Family Trip Belgian Tripel by Bitter Sisters Brewing Co

Family Trip Belgian Tripel by Bitter Sisters Brewing Co

I recently had the Belgian Tripel from Oak Highlands (see Freaky Deaky review), and I thought it was really good.  Belgian beers took me a little bit to get used to, but I’m starting to develop a real appreciation for them.

I saw the Belgian Tripel from Bitter Sisters Brewing Co out of Addison on the tap list of my local growler filler, so I decided to swing by and grab some.

Bitter Sisters has no information about this beer on their website, so I reached out to them two separate times through the contact form on their site.  Unfortunately I never heard anything back.

I saw that their brewery Facebook page was fairly active, so I sent them a message on there.  I really wanted a description from them on this beer.

Thankfully they got back to me really quickly on Facebook, so thanks to them for that quick response.  Here is what they said:

“Family Trip has a slightly fruity aroma on the nose that makes you feel like you are about to take a trip to a pub in Belgium. The flavor starts with the fruitiness you just experienced but transitions into a sweetness before finishing clean on the palette. There is a slight hint of warmth from the over 10% ABV. Cheers!”

Here is what says a Belgian Tripel should resemble:

Complex, sometimes mild spicy flavor characterizes this style. Yeast-driven complexity is common. Tripels are often on the higher end of the ABV spectrum, yet are approachable to many different palates. These beers are commonly bottle-conditioned and finish dry. Tripels are similar to Belgian-style golden strong ales, but are generally darker and have a more noticeable malt sweetness.”

Now for the taste test:

Family Trip pours out golden honey in color with a head of white foam.  My pour could have probably been a little better if you look at the picture.  Oh well.

I got a strong mix of bubble gum and fruity ester aromas from this beer.  The Belgian yeast is very present on the nose.  There are also some sweet and floral notes to the overall aroma.

The flavor follows the smell with bubble gum and fruity esters leading the way.  There is a lot going on with the flavor on this beer, and to me it seems like Bitter Sisters did a good job of letting the Belgian yeast really run wild.

I got bubble gum flavor throughout each sip which was new for me with the style.  You always read that Belgian Tripels can have a bubble gum flavor, and I’ve sometimes tasted something slightly like bubble gum.  But I’ve never had it jump out of the beer like this one.

There is a nice spicy note to the beer, also.  It almost tastes like the spice that you would get from rye malts.  I doubt that there is any rye in the beer, but that’s probably the best way that I can describe the flavor.  This blends really well with bubble gum flavor.

Finally, there are some floral and honey notes in the flavor.  They give the beer a sweet note.

This is one of the better Tripels that I’ve had, so I highly recommend that you try it out.  Bitter Sisters has a tap room that is open Thursday and Friday evenings, and they do tours on Saturdays.  So go check out their stuff.

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