French Quarter Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co.

French Quarter Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co.

French Quarter Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co.

French Quarter Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co.

Check out my post on the original Temptress and Mole Temptress.

Lakewood Brewing Co. has put several cool spins on what I consider to be their flagship beer over the past few years.  You can currently find French Quarter Temptress on tap around DFW, so I grabbed a growler of it and headed home to try it out.

Side note, they just announced another version of Temptress called the Witch that sounds pretty awesome.  “We take a couple barrels of our Bourbon Barrel Temptress and add spices, coffee, and vanilla for a truly wicked treat” is the quote that I read from brewery found Wim Bens.  Head to the brewery to check that out if you are looking to snag some.

Anyways, here is what Lakewood says about French Quarter Temptress:

“Capturing the spirit and attitude of New Orleans, this beer possesses the boldness of barrel-aged coffee and chicory within the incredibly smooth 9.1 percent ABV Imperial Milk Stout. Using a process unique to coffee roasting, we partnered with Kevin and Marta Sprague at Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters in East Dallas to create the perfect combination.

We barrel-aged coffee beans, coining it Operation B.R.E.W. (Beans Resting, Enhanced by Whiskey.) Using one of our spent Bourbon Barrel Temptress barrels, Noble Coyote aged green Peruvian Cajamarca coffee beans for four months, which imparted subtle notes of bourbon to the beans. Once the beans were ready, Noble Coyote roasted the coffee and we added it to the beer along with a touch of chicory for some additional spiciness and complexity to give it that “signature” New Orleans taste.

As purveyors of a different kind of craft ‘brew’, we really respect Noble Coyote’s utilization of Fair Trade coffee and their passion for small-batch, artisan coffee roasting. It was the perfect choice for our French Quarter Temptress. We hope you enjoy drinking this beer as much as we do. Now grab some beads, a beignet, and lets raise a glass together.”

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Now on to the taste test:

French Quarter Temptress pours out basically black with a thick head of tan foam.  The beer looks thick and delicious.

I got aromas of dark, dark malts and New Orleans style coffee.  The dark and roasty malt smell of this beer is fantastic, and the added coffee brings some of those classic stout elements straight to the foreground.

I got a little bourbon on the nose, but it was a lot more subtle than I expected.  The coffee notes are much stronger.

The flavor of this beer is fantastic.  You get the great milk stout flavors from the Temptress along with some great coffee flavor.

This might sound a little weird, but the coffee flavor is definitely a legitimate New Orleans style coffee.  If you’ve ever had coffee down there you’ll understand.  It’s nothing like trying to brew Community Coffee at home in Dallas.  That stuff is not the same.

The bourbon adds a subtle note to this beer, but the coffee is definitely the star of the show.  French Quarter Temptress is just a great blend of flavors like dark chocolate from the malts and quality coffee.

Hats off to Lakewood for another really cool variation of Temptress.  Keep them coming.

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