Ghost Cow Oktoberfest by Nine-Band Brewing Co.

Ghost Cow Oktoberfest by Nine-Band Brewing Co.

Ghost Cow Oktoberfest by Nine-Band Brewing Co.

Ghost Cow Oktoberfest by Nine-Band Brewing Co.

It’s officially Oktoberfest time.  We’re through the first few weeks of dreadful college football match-ups, some days the temp actually stays out of the 90s, and I start to crave some good Marzen style beers.

I found myself sitting at Luck in Trinity Groves staring at their beer menu.  It’s double-sided and full of local beers, so good luck if you’re indecisive.

I wound up picking Ghost Cow Oktoberfest from Nine-Band Brewing Co partially because the name is fantastic and partially because it seemed like the right style of beer for a late September afternoon.

Here is what Nine-Band has to say about their Ghost Cow:

“On the darkest night, on a desolate back road in South Texas, the ghost cow comes out to graze and make its stand smack dab in the middle of the road – a full-blown apparition on the center stripe. Our full-bodied, assertive Ghost Cow Oktoberfest™, a classic Märzenbier, pays a rich, malty tribute to this otherworldly bovine, lest it decide to haunt our street too.”

Here is what says a Marzen or Oktoberfest beer should resemble:

A beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. Bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor is common. Originating in Germany, this style used to be seasonally available in the spring (‘Marzen’ meaning “March”), with the fest-style versions tapped in October.”

Now on to the taste test:

Ghost Cow pours out amber red with a head of slightly off white foam.

It smells crisp and malty.  The lager yeast qualities show through in the aroma, but the malts have the most presence on the nose.


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The flavor is also driven by the malts.  It’s slightly toasty with a nice, crisp finish.

This beer definitely grabs that clean and crisp type of mouth feel that describes and balances it out well with a bready malt backbone.

I think that the hops add to the overall crispness of the beer, but they are not overly present besides that.

Ghost Cow has a nice long, slightly toasty malt finish that I enjoyed.

This is a really good and refreshing beer for fall, so grab some before it’s gone.

This was my first Nine-Band beer, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some more.  It looks like they are getting cans out to a lot more DFW locations, so keep an eye out.

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