Ghost of Alfred Brown by Peticolas Brewing Co

Ghost of Alfred Brown by Peticolas Brewing Co

Ghost of Alfred Brown by Peticolas Brewing Co

Ghost of Alfred Brown by Peticolas Brewing Co

I saw this beer come up on the tap list of my favorite local growler fill spot and jumped over to the Peticolas Brewing Co website to get some more details.

Here is their description of the Ghost of Alfred Brown:

“A cask of Alfred Brown Ale dosed with ghost peppers by Chris “Burnleg” Martinez inspired this commercially kegged brew.

Adding ghost peppers into a fermenter full of Alfred Brown gives this beer a wicked twist.  Notes of tobacco, chocolate, and malt sweetness give way to a slow building warming sensation imparted by the infamous ghost pepper chili.  Consistent with our brewing philosophy, we deliver flavors associated with the ghost pepper in a subtle manner so as to enhance the underlying character of our traditional Alfred Brown.  You’ll recognize the ghost pepper’s presence with your first sip, but the uniqueness of this beer shines as you empty your glass.  Expect to experience  a growing, yet always pleasant, sensation of warmth on the palate, in the throat and down to the stomach.  The Ghost of Alfred Brown will continue to haunt you even after you’ve moved on.  A slow burn never tasted so good.

Enjoy Halloween with the Ghost of Alfred Brown.

And be advised that this beer is our most limited commercial release ever.”

I was really intrigued by the idea of a beer having warmth from peppers instead of just the spice, so I ran over and picked up a growler.

Any time I hear about ghost peppers I immediately think of the episode of Man vs Food where Adam Richman eats the Four Horsemen burger that includes ghost peppers (among other things).  He literally punches the table after the first bite and looks like he needs an ambulance.

Let’s hope that this beer avoids that type of flavor.

Here is what I found:

Ghost of Alfred Brown pours out a rich brown color with a head of tan foam.

I immediately got tons of toasty and chocolate malts on the nose.  Those were the smells that you would expect from a good brown ale.

Then came the spicy aroma from the ghost peppers.  It’s not the least bit overpowering, and I thought that it was interesting that it came in after all of the malt aromas.

The flavor follows the smell pretty closely.  The toasty and chocolate malt flavors pave the way for the heat from the peppers.

The malt flavors on this beer are great and pretty much exactly what I want from a brown ale.

I think that the heat on this beer is very noticeable, and after the first sip, it made me a little nervous about drinking a whole pint.

However, as you continue to drink, the spice and heat does settle into a nice warmth like Peticolas describes.  It’s not the least bit overwhelming, and I am happy to report no heartburn as a result of Ghost of Alfred Brown.

The closest food-type comparison that I can make is dark chocolate that is spiced with peppers.  This beer had that kind of vibe to it.

This is a really cool beer, and a great fit for colder weather because of the dark malts and the heat from the peppers.  I literally tried it on Halloween, so it seemed to be extra appropriate that night.

Stay tuned for most posts about Peticolas Brewing Co beers.  I just saw that A Lost Epic Belgian Tripel is on tap at my growler spot, so that is coming up next.

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