Gone-A-Rye Double Rye IPA by Cedar Creek Brewery Taste Test

Gone-A-Rye Double Rye IPA by Cedar Creek Brewery Taste Test

Gone-A-Rye Double Rye IPA by Cedar Creek Brewery Taste Test

Gone-A-Rye Double Rye IPA by Cedar Creek Brewery Taste Test

I should probably start this post off by saying that I am a huge fan of Double or Imperial IPAs.  The hoppier the better.  The high ABVs are another bonus.

With that being said, I was really happy to see a Rye Double IPA come out of one of the DFW area breweries.  I’ve had Timber Beast the Imperial Rye IPA from Lazy Magnolia Brewing, and that stuff is really good.

Here is what Cedar Creek has to say about Gone-A-Rye:


A blend of Apollo, Bravo, Willamette, and 05256 hops creates a complex flavor profile that includes hints of peach, pear, citrus and pine. It is dry hopped with 20 lbs. of hops, yet the bitterness is balanced by the sweetness of the malt and spiciness of the rye. Extremely drinkable for a Double IPA.


Gone-A-Rye Can

Gone-A-Rye Can





SRM 6.0



The have a long story about the motivation for the beer on the can also.  The font is small, so hopefully you have a large screen or eagle eyes.

Here is what CraftBeer.com says an Imperial or Double IPA should resemble (just picture this plus Rye):

High hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Hop character is fresh and lively from utilization of any variety of hops. Alcohol content is medium-high to high and notably evident with a medium-high to full body. The intention of this style is to exhibit the fresh and bright character of hops.”

I like the last part of that description about this beer style being all about hops.  That’s awesome.

Gone-A-Rye in Glass

Gone-A-Rye in Glass

Gone-A-Rye pours a hazy copper color with a good head of white foam.

There are tons of piney hops on the nose with some spice from the rye malts.  It definitely has the features that you would expect from a Double IPA.

My notes from this taste test literally say, “What a beer!” so that was my first thought when I tried it.

You get plenty of bitterness and fresh flavors from all the hops.  The rye malts are present but not overpowering.  The rye flavor is a really nice addition to all of the hops.

There is a kind of danky quality to the hops that sort of reminded me of Operation Collaboration from Peticolas.  That stuff was good.

The surprising part of Gone-A-Rye to me is how drinkable and mellow it is for such a big beer style.  It really is super smooth.

I’ve had some Imperial IPAs that really let you know that you’re drinking a damn beer, but Gone-A-Rye was amazingly easy to drink.

This beer really left me wanting more.  I highly recommend it if you are even remotely into hoppy beers.  This one will not disappoint.

The next beer on my list from Cedar Creek Brewery is Dankosaurus IPA.  I need some of that in my life.


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