GPA German Pale Ale by 3 Nations Brewing Co.

GPA German Pale Ale by 3 Nations Brewing Co.

GPA German Pale Ale by 3 Nations Brewing Co.

GPA German Pale Ale by 3 Nations Brewing Co.

I saw this beer at Total Wine in Dallas, so I snatched it up.  I have also seen it on tap at a couple different growler fill spots, so keep an eye open.

I was intrigued by the idea of a German Pale Ale (although the name of this beer brought back bad memories of my GPA issues in college).

Here is what 3 Nations has to say about GPA:

“Enjoy the beer that defines what 3 Nations Brewing is all about.

A German style pale ale debatably does not exist in the craft beer industry. Until now. 3 Nations’ German Pale Ale (GPA) is our experiment turned calling card. We couldn’t be more proud of the way this beer’s enormous citrus, passion fruit, and lemony like aromas blend with a bitterness that gives it a recognizable finish. Plus, the well-rounded malt profile balances out the American hops. That’s right, we used American hops to brew this cross of a German Alt/Koelsch. It’s not blasphemy. Just a revised version of a traditional style, with a little greatness mixed in.”

GPA has 3 different hops, including Citra.  I’m a huge fan of this hop because of the giant citrus aromas and flavors that it delivers.

Now on to the taste test:

GPA pours out almost orangey-yellow with a head of white foam.

It smells strongly of tangerine, pine and some tartness.  I love the smell.  This beer really smells like a tangerine.

GPA In Glass

GPA In Glass

To be totally honest, it took me a few minutes to try this beer because I couldn’t stop smelling it.

I got lots of citrus hop flavors with a nice balanced and slightly bready malt backbone.

GPA is driven by a really citrusy flavor from the hops.  I got lots of sour tangerine and lemon with some bitter pine flavors on the finish.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect to see lemon flavor in a pale ale, but it works great in GPA.

This beer is really fresh and balanced with a nice long hoppy finish.  It’s very unique, and I’ve definitely never had a beer quite like this one.

This is a great beer for the summer.  It gives you a ton of flavor, but it won’t put you on your backside after 2 of them.

I really like this beer and highly recommend that you try it if you get a chance.

3 Nations is only brewing two beers at the moment.  GPA and a wheat beer called American Wit that is a hybrid of American and Belgian wheat beer styles.  I’m looking forward to trying that one soon.

It sounds like 3 Nations is big on combining styles and pushing forward the best flavors possible, and that definitely shines through GPA.

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