Ironhead IPA by Revolver Brewing

Ironhead IPA by Revolver Brewing

Ironhead IPA by Revolver Brewing

Ironhead IPA by Revolver Brewing

This beer appears to be at least a semi-limited release from Revolver because it’s not even listed on their website at the moment.  Good thing I snapped a picture of their description on the label.

I’ve tried most of the Revolver beers, and they make really good stuff.  I hadn’t seen much from them in the way of hoppy beers however, so I’m glad to see this offering and their Double IPA “Mullet Cutter” coming out.

Here is what Revolver says about their IPA:

“Centennial, Citra, Apollo, and Saphir hops combine to give this IPA an assertive bitterness that is balanced with a bright citrus hop flavor and aroma.”

I just had the Citra On Top IPA from 903 Brewers, and that beer did a great job of showcasing what Citra hops bring to a beer.  It gives lots of tropical citrus flavor and aroma, and it’s generally pretty great.

Ironhead IPA Description

Ironhead IPA Description

Centennial hops can be used for both aroma and bittering, and they bring clean citrus and floral notes to the beer.

Apollo is a bittering hop, and from what I can dig up Saphir is an aroma hop that delivers a sweet, citrus aroma to the beer.

All of those hops should work together to deliver great tropical and citrus aromas along with a crisp bitter and citrusy flavor.

Now on to the taste test:

Ironhead IPA pours out a golden amber color with a good head of white foam.

This beer delivers tons of hop aroma, which you would definitely expect based on the hop varieties that Revolver used.

Ironhead IPA in glass

Ironhead IPA in glass

I got a lot of tropical citrus aroma.  It was mostly pineapple, but there was probably some orange smell in there as well.

The flavor delivers a great balance of bitter hops and tropical citrus flavors.  I got some pineapple tang to the beer along with some dank and bitter flavors.

The finish is bitter and definitely hangs around for awhile.  I liked this about the beer, but it might be too much for some people.

There is a crisp and fresh element to the beer that I really enjoyed.  I think the bittering hops contributed a lot to this.

I really didn’t get any grapefruit flavor in the beer.  It’s pretty much all pineapple and orange or tangerine.

During the taste test I found myself thinking that I could drink several bottles of this beer, so that’s always a good sign.

This is another good offering from Revolver.  Now I just need to get my hands on some Mullet Cutter.


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