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Every time I try to price out brewing supplies it seems like Midwest Brewing has what I need, and they have the best price.

I don’t know if you have ever had Tank 7 by Boulevard, but it is delicious. It is a farmhouse or saison styler beer which requires a specific type of yeast. I was impressed that Midwest has multiple choices for the type of yeast that I was looking for.

I bought a wine making kit a few years ago thinking that it would be a fun project for me and my wife to do together. Well, that flamed out pretty quickly, but I was left with a lot of the products that I needed for beer brewing. It was actually pretty fun to shop around on the Midwest website to find the items that I needed to make my brewing set complete.

To be honest, I wish that I had started with them because I like their kits a lot better than the wine making kit that I started with.

Anyways, if you need something for beer making, Midwest Supplies will probably have it, and they will probably have it at a great price.

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