Mole Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

Mole Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

Mole Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

Mole Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

I was looking over the tap list at Lakewood Growler, which I highly recommend in case you haven’t been there yet.  It’s a cool place.

I was amped to see that Lakewood had some of the Mole Temptress on tap.  This is a special edition of the Temptress Imperial Milk Stout from Lakewood Brewing Co.

Check out my review of the original Temptress here.

Lakewood has already put out a few variations of Temptress like Raspberry, Bourbon Barrel and French Quarter.

Here is what Lakewood has to say about the Mole Temptress:

“Mole (pronounced moh-lay) is a traditional Mexican sauce made with a variety of ingredients including dried chiles and chocolate, flavors that beg to be paired with our seductive señorita. So we combine ancho, pasilla, guajillo, and chipotle peppers for spice; add 100% pure cacao; and toss in a touch of cinnamon for a bold, festive spin on our cerveza deliciosa.

Bold, complex aroma
Rich, spiced chocolate
Slight heat from chilies
Warming, sweet finish”

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I sent Lakewood an email asking more about the backstory of this beer, and Wim Bens (Lakewood’s President & Founder) was nice enough to email me back on a Friday night.  Here is what he said:

“The inspiration came from a TexMex restaurant down the street from the brewery (Los Corrales). We all go there at least once a week, and when we were looking for an idea to do a fun firkin with Temptress we found inspiration there. We actually had them make some mole sauce and put it in the firkin. While that experiment didn’t turn out too well, we took what makes mole great and simplified it. So now we use guajillo, ancho, chipotle and Pasilla peppers, Indonesian cinnamon and 100% cocoa from Venezuela. All that combined with the chocolate malt and the sweetness of the beer make the perfect combination.”

I really appreciate the insight, plus that’s a pretty cool origin story.

So let’s get to the taste test.

Mole Temptress pours black as night.  You get a thin head of off white foam.

I got a big whiff of coffee, dark chocolate and chili type spices from this beer.  There are also some dark, dark malts present in the smell, but those are more in the background.

My tasting notes literally say “This beer is amazing” as the first note, so that’s usually a good sign for a beer.

Mole Temptress delivers a nice dose of cinnamon to compliment the coffee and dark chocolate flavors of regular Temptress.

The spicy and smokey flavor from all of the chilies is really present on the finish.  It lingers with you long after each swallow.  All that spice is a really nice compliment to the lactose sugar in Temptress.

The spice isn’t overwhelming though.  I’ve had a few beers that were brewed with jalapenos, and those were all kind of unpleasant.  The spice just completely dominated the beer.

Temptress has enough of a backbone to completely support the peppers and the cinnamon.  All of those dark and rich malts are the perfect base.

I never would have thought that these flavors would work so well together, but this beer is great.  I’m glad that I was able to snag a growler of it.

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