Mount Rushmore of DFW Beers

Mount Rushmore of DFW Beers

Mount Rushmore of DFW Beer

Mount Rushmore of DFW Beer

I’ve heard a lot of radio shows and podcasts doing best of lists this summer, and one of the best formats that I heard was picking the Mount Rushmore of various things.  So I thought, why not me?

Here we go.  Let’s do my 4 monument worthy DFW Beers. (Follow along with my professional photo above)

#1.  Temptress by Lakewood Brewing – This was the first beer to come to mind.  Not only is Temptress a Dallas icon, it has launched an entire series of variations — shout out Sin Mint and French Quarter.  This beer could literally have it’s own Mount Rushmore of just Temptress varieties.  In my humble opinion, you would be hard pressed to not have Temptress on this list.

#2.  Peticolas Velvet Hammer – One of my absolute favorite beers, and another Dallas icon.  To me this is one of the beers that created the DFW craft beer boom.  It’s hoppy, full bodied, and carries a significant ABV.  Plus, you can get it at an extremely reasonable price at all of the local growler fills.  I heard that a distributor told Michael Peticolas that red ales don’t sell in DFW right before he was about to release Velvet Hammer as his first beer, so let’s all be thankful that Michael went with his gut.

#3.  Mosaic IPA by Community Brewery – This is the first beer that I ever blogged on this site because I wanted to start out with a bang.  If you like Pacific Northwest hops then Mosaic is your beer.  DFW has several great IPAs, but I have yet to find one better than Mosaic.  You really can’t lose with this beer.

#4.  Off With Your Red by Rabbit Hole Brewing – This is my wild card.  I sat and debated between several different beers and breweries before going with OWYR.  I picked this one because it’s one of the best beers that I’ve ever had.  The red ale body with the resinous hop flavor is out of this world.  If you like Velvet Hammer, and you haven’t tried OWYR, I would highly suggest that you do.

I know this list is highly debatable, and that’s the fun of it.  If you were going with pure popularity and general awareness, you would have to swap out Off With Your Red for Revolver Blood and Honey, but I decided to go with 4 of my favorite beers.  I know that 3 of them are also wildly popular, but this whole thing is wildly subjective anyway.

What do you think?  Which 4 beers would make your Mount Rushmore?


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