Oak Highlands Brewery Oktoberfest

Oak Highlands Brewery Oktoberfest

Oak Highlands Brewery Oktoberfest

Oak Highlands Brewery Oktoberfest

I think that Oktoberfest beers were the style that made me realize that seasonal beers are the best.  Brewers have figured out what kind of beer tastes best in what weather/season, so who am I to fight with them?

Honestly, what is better than that first sip of a good Oktoberfest beer every September?  You got fall weather starting, football coming back, and a great style of beer to drink.

Here is what Oak Highlands says about their Oktoberfest:

“Oktoberfest (seasonal)
Brewed in March and lagered through summer, Oktoberfest (Marzen) is lager brewed to be enjoyed in the fall. It’s copper in color with a rich malty backbone and mild hop profile. Because traditional Oktoberfest and Breast Cancer Awareness Month loosely coincide, a percentage of the sales of OHB’s Oktoberfest is donated to a Breast Cancer Awareness Charity.”

Here is what CraftBeer.com says an Oktoberfest beer should resemble:

A beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. Bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor is common. Originating in Germany, this style used to be seasonally available in the spring (‘Marzen’ meaning “March”), with the fest-style versions tapped in October.”

Now on to the taste test:

Oktoberfest pours out a light brown color with a head of white foam.

I got a lot of slightly toasty and sweet malts on the nose, but not much in the way of hops.  This really is pretty close to what I expect and want from this style.

Image from OakHighlandsBrewery.com

The smell almost trends towards a brown ale type of smell, but it’s a little lighter.

This beer has a nice medium malt flavor that is slightly sweet.  The sweetness almost has the type of feel that apple juice has, but it’s not nearly that sweet.  It just has that kind of element somewhere in the beer.

There is a good crispness or bite to the beer right at the start of each sip that gives way to the toasty malt flavor.  It’s almost like a palate cleanse on each sip.

The malt flavor really carries you through the finish.

This is a good take on the Oktoberfest style which is what you would expect from a brewery that focuses on German beer styles.

I was at Oak Highlands for a family night in September (check their Facebook page for those dates), and they were giving people the option to have the rims of their glasses lined in cinnamon sugar for the Oktoberfest.  My wife really enjoyed this (I think because it sort of made the beer taste like pie).

It’s an added bonus that part of the sales of this beer is donated to charity.  You can feel really good about drinking beer when it’s for charity, right?

Oak Highlands recently put out a new beer called Charity that is a German Alt-Style Ale.  They are donating 10% of the sales of this beer to charities that rotate each quarter.  Pretty cool deal.

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