Oaked Mosaic IPA by Community Beer Co

Oaked Mosaic IPA by Community Beer Co

Oaked Mosaic IPA by Community Beer Co

Oaked Mosaic IPA by Community Beer Co

Check out my original taste test of Mosaic IPA.  I literally led off this entire website with Mosaic because I wanted to start off with an awesome beer.

The concept of an oaked IPA was really confusing to me because I have always heard that hop flavor is better the fresher the beer is.  I guess that the hops break down in the beer the older it gets and the flavor gets less and less intense.

So Community found a way around this IPA freshness issue while working in oaked qualities.  Check out the label for an explanation:

“Barrel-aged Mosaic IPA?!!  Not quite.  Aging a hop focused beer in barrels greatly diminishes the hop aromas that we’ve toiled to create.  Fortunately though, adding modern day spirals – a carefully milled helix of toasted oak – to our aging tanks, we are able to infuse oak into our deliciously hoppy Mosaic IPA and preserve the hop character.  This simple addition adds profound complexity lending notes of vanilla, coconut and honey.”

The brewers at Community are pretty clever, and thanks to that we have an oaked IPA to try.

Side note in case someone from Community reads this.  Why does your website not show up when I Google you guys?  Did you do something to upset Google?

Now for the taste test.

Oaked Mosaic IPA in Glass

Oaked Mosaic IPA in Glass

Oaked Mosaic IPA pours out a rich copper color with a thick head of white foam.

I love the hoppy aroma.  I got lots of pine, grapefruit and tropical citrus.  Those are all great, classic IPA aromas.

I didn’t get much oak-type smell, but in fairness I tried this beer during the height of allergy season.

My tasting notes literally say, “Wow.  Totally different flavor from the original.”  And that’s definitely the case.  I can still taste the oaky flavor from this beer as I’m writing this post.

I feel like the hops in this beer are toned down some, and the oak flavor is really prevalent.

There is definitely a smooth and aged type of flavor that is really cool to mix with a ton of hops.

I got the toasted coconut and vanilla flavors that Community references on the label.  Those come out big time after the first few sips.

Lots of oak flavor on the finish.  This is a really cool and interesting beer.

Overall, the oak gives the beer an almost dry type of flavor.  There is a nice balance between the hops and the oak.  Nothing really overpowers anything else.

I felt like this was a special type of beer.  Like, take a bourbon and age it for an extra 10 years and that’s where this beer felt to me.  If you see any around, try it.  It’s really good stuff.

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