Operation Collaboration IPA by Peticolas Brewing Company Taste Test

Operation Collaboration IPA by Peticolas Brewing Company Taste Test

Peticols Operation Collaberation IPA

Peticols Operation Collaberation IPA

I read a lot about this beer online before I could get my hands on it, and I was desperate to find a growler of it based on what I was reading.

Thankfully, Lakewood Growler had a keg of it going last week (their online tap list is awesome by the way).  I wasn’t sure how long it would last or how many more kegs they had, so I rushed over on a Thursday afternoon to get a 32 oz growler filled.

Here is what Peticolas has to say about Operation Collaboration:

“Operation Collaboration

India Pale Ale
8% Alcohol by volume / 75 IBU

What better brewery partner for our first collaboration than Green Flash Brewing, the pioneer of the West Coast IPA Michael Peticolas and Green Flash’s Chuck Silva selected just two malts and two hop varieties to brew this IPA.  Both malts are premium English malts and each hop is an experimental varietal grown in the Yakima Valley.   If these hops prove successful commercially, they will be assigned names.   Until then, the hops are simply known as 07270 and 06277.

Operation Collaboration pours with a thick, dense, off-white head atop a golden orange colored beer.   The head leaves a healthy lacing in the glass as it is enjoyed.   The aroma is dank, but with subtle hints of citrus and juicy fruit.  The gentle bitter character allows the hop flavors to shine though with an abundance of tropical orange, pineapple, grapefruit and tangerine-like flavors.  The mouthfeel is creamy smooth and the finish exceptional – pleasant tropical flavors linger on the palette long after your last drink.   The evolution of this IPA from aroma to finish is a tremendous ride; you’ll be surprised how quickly this beer disappears from your glass.”

Operation Collaboration in Glass

Operation Collaboration in Glass

I love Pacific Northwest IPAs like Inversion IPA from Deschutes and Full Sail IPA.  They just have such an advantage being so close to where hops are grown.  That’s what I was hoping for when I tried this beer.  I realize that Green Flash isn’t in Oregon, but it’s close enough.

I was really excited to see what flavors and aromas the 2 experimental hops would deliver, and they did not disappoint.

The smell is this beer is fantastic.  Tons of dank and piney hops aroma with a little bit of pineapple if you smell hard enough.  I probably spent as much time smelling this beer as I did drinking it.

My notes from trying Op Colab literally start off with “Wow” so that’s a good start.

The flavor is super dank and not really all that piney.  It’s a super unique beer and really not like anything that I’ve tried before.

There is plenty of bitter hops flavor that gives way to some tropical, citrusy fruit flavor to balance out all of the dank.

The beer evolves as you drink it which makes it even more enjoyable.  It’s like a beer adventure in every glass.

I see that Lakewood Growler just tapped a new keg of Operation Collaboration, so I plan on running over this week to refill.  I recommend that you do the same before this limited release beer is gone.

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