Play Date Sour Blonde Ale by Deep Ellum Brewing Co

Play Date Sour Blonde Ale by Deep Ellum Brewing Co

Play Date Sour Blonde Ale by Deep Ellum Brewing Co

Play Date Sour Blonde Ale by Deep Ellum Brewing Co

I’ll be the first to admit that I have very little experience with sour ales.  They’re pretty new to me, and besides a bad experience with a Gose last year, I haven’t had a lot of them.

I’ve seen Deep Ellum Brewing Co post quite a bit about Play Date and even decide to bring it back for 2016 based on its success in 2015.

I figured that was a good enough endorsement for me to try it out.  Plus, I think the bomber only cost me five or six dollars.

I was still pretty unsure what to expect, but they claimed that it was a really approachable sour beer.

Here is what Deep Ellum says about Play Date:




VARIOUS (2016)

An American Sour Ale as unexpected as your first kiss. Play Date is a juicy ale with notes of sun-kissed fruit, lemon, citrus, and melon. We start with our iconic Dallas Blonde as the base and ferment it to dryness and with Medjool dates; the earthy tea presence of the dates plays well with acidity to create an ale that is truly free-spirited and unique in character. Shy of puckering, the resulting tartness is our homage to an unforgettable first kiss.”

Here is what says an American Sour should resemble in case you are looking for a point of reference:

The acidity present in these beers is usually in the form of lactic, acetic and other organic acids naturally developed with acidified malt in the mash, or produced during fermentation by the use of various microorganisms. These beers may derive their sour flavor from pure cultured forms of souring agents or from the influence of barrel aging.”

Now for the taste test.  As Bud Light used to say, “Here we go.”

Play Date Sour Blonde Ale in glass

Play Date Sour Blonde Ale in glass

Play Date pours a golden straw color with a thick head of white foam.  It looks pretty carbonated.

It smells slightly sour and funky, but it still has some of those bread and biscuit notes that you would expect from a blonde ale.

The smell is definitely funkier than any beer I’ve ever had.

The first sip is a little pucker inducing, especially if you don’t know what exactly to expect.  It’s sour.

I thought of Lemon Sour Warheads after the first sip in case you liked sour candy as a kid.

Thankfully, the depth of the sourness started to expand for me as I drank a little more.

I got a lot of Lemon and sour citrus flavor.  The carbonation gives the beer an extra crisp kind of a feel, and I guess it could be compared to carbonated lemonade in a certain sense.

I’m probably not sophisticated enough with sours to fully appreciate what the dates add to the mix, so I guess that gives me an excuse to try this beer again.

Play Date is a much more refreshing beer than I was expecting.  I can actually see drinking this on a hot summer day and really enjoying it.

I was pleasantly surprised by this drinking experience.  Play Date is definitely an approachable and very drinkable sour beer.  I would highly recommend it for anyone who is trying out the world of sours for the first time.

I heard someone from Deep Ellum say that they had more sour beers in the works, so I’m looking forward to trying those once they are (hopefully) available.

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