Pretzel Stout by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

Pretzel Stout by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

Martin House Pretzel Stout

Martin House Pretzel Stout

I’ve been looking forward to trying more Martin House beers ever since I had The Imperial Texan.  That beer is pretty close to beer perfection for me.

My wife is on a kick where she really only wants dark beer (weird, right?), so this one seemed like an obvious choice.  I actually offered to bring home several DFW brewed blonde or wheat ales, and she told me no.

Here is what Martin House has to say about their Pretzel Stout:

“That’s right, The Original Pretzel Stout. This 6.5% abv stout is as black as oil and is brewed with over six pounds of crushed sourdough pretzels per barrel. Guess what? There’s no style guideline for this one. The salty fingerprint of the pretzels works with the sweet and roasty flavors of the chocolate malted & roasted barley to give this beer a flavor that is much greater than the sum of its parts.”

I know that they literally say that there is no style guide for this beer, but I am still going to put in the description for American Stouts.  That at least gives us an idea of what this beer was before all of the pretzels.

A coffee- and chocolate-forward ale, but with a hop aroma and flavor, often from a citrus-forward variety. American stouts are bold, with a distinctive dry-roasted bitterness in the finish. Fruity esters should be low, but head retention high. The addition of oatmeal is acceptable in this style and lends to the body and head retention.”

Pretzel Stout in Glass

Pretzel Stout in Glass

This beer pours out super dark and with a lot of aroma.  I could literally smell it from a few feet away.  The head wasn’t super thick, but it did hang around for awhile.

There are lot of the classic stout aromas present on this one.  You get lots of roasty malts with maybe some coffee.  I didn’t get a lot of chocolate on this beer.

You can definitely smell the sourdough pretzels, but they blend well with the other aromas without being overpowering.

The flavor is definitely classic stout meets pretzels.  All of the dark malts mix really will with the pretzel flavor.  This beer has a really unique mouth feel that really is slightly like eating an actual pretzel.

There isn’t a lot of sweetness to this beer, so you would never mix it up with a milk stout.  The pretzels actually give the beer a very slightly salty flavor if you look for it.

The more you drink, the more classic stout flavors start to emerge.  You get the dark and roasty malts with some bitter cocoa type flavor.  It’s much more like bitter baking chocolate than dark chocolate.

Hats off to Martin House Brewing Co. for this creative stout.  It took some vision on their part to conceive this recipe, and some good brewing abilities to pull it off.

This should probably become a staple in your cold weather beer drinking routine, and once you try it, I don’t think that you will need much convincing.

Keep an eye out for more taste tests from Martin House.  They have a lot of cool seasonal and one off beers that I need to try.

Thanks for the read.

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