Public Enemy #1 by Community Beer Co Taste Test

Public Enemy #1 by Community Beer Co Taste Test

Public Enemy #1 by Community Beer Co Taste Test

Public Enemy #1 by Community Beer Co Taste Test

First off, huge thanks to Corey at Community Beer Co for hooking me up with two of their beer glasses and some Public Enemy #1.  I had seen this beer listed on the Lakewood Growler website, but I missed it.

I mentioned that to Corey when I was at the brewery last week, and he offered to send me home with some.  I showed up without a growler like a moron, so Corey let me borrow on that was laying around.

So mega thanks to him and Community.

Here is some of the background info that I was able to put together in this beer.

Community starts with their gold medal winning ESB, Public Ale (great stuff).  They aged this year’s version in whiskey barrels with multiple strains of Brettanomyces yeast and tart cherries.  Last year’s version was aged in wine barrels, so this year is a bit of a change.

The Brettanomyces yeast sends the beer into a secondary fermentation and produces dry, tart fruit flavors.  Those flavors are accented by the tart cherries.

They only made a few barrels of this beer, so you probably won’t see a lot of it outside of the Community Taproom.

Now on to the taste test:

Public Enemy #1 pours out a copper color with a head of white foam.  The beer is slightly cloudy from the whiskey barrels and the cherries.

The aroma is really tart with a very noticeable whiskey presence.  I got a lot of the cherries on the nose.

This beer is huge on flavor.  I got a great blend of tart and cherry and whiskey flavors on my first sip.  All of those flavors were remarkably balanced.

The whiskey flavor is very present in this beer, but it’s not the least bit overpowering.  I’ve had some whiskey or bourbon barrel aged beers where the whiskey flavor totally dominated everything else, but that’s not the case with Public Enemy.

This might sound strange to say, but this beer almost tastes more like a whiskey cocktail than a beer.  The blend of tart and cherry with the whiskey really gives it a cocktail type of dimension, and I really liked that actually.

The ABV of just under 10% probably also contributes a little to the feeling of drinking a cocktail.

I think that the overall balance of the beer might have been the most surprising part.  Brewing a beer like this has multiple opportunities for harsh flavors to come out and dominate everything else, but Public Enemy tastes smooth and delicious.

The more that I drank, the more I couldn’t believe that you could take Public Ale and turn it into Public Enemy #1.  What a wild transformation.

I was a little more boozed up by the end of my 2 beers than I expected to be, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

If this review sounds at all appealing to you, then I strongly suggest that you head to the Community Taproom to get some before this year’s batch runs out.


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