Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Co

Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Co

Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Co

Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Co

Full disclosure here.  I bought this beer completely for the shtick of the pumpkin beer.  My expectations were low.

I’ve tried a couple different pumpkin beers, and they were not very good.  Like the kind of not very good where you wind up pouring them down the drain.

I cracked this beer open during a college football game on a Saturday night.  My team was in the middle of a comeback, so I was in a good mood.

Here is what Lakewood has to say about Punkel:


SEASON: Autumn (August – October)

STYLE: Pumpkin Pie Dunkel

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 23

SRM: 19

OG: 1.055

AVAILABILITY: Draft, 12oz bottle (6-pk)

SERVE: Dimpled Mug at 45˚-50˚
Is there a better fall treat than pumpkin pie? Nope, which is why there are so many pumpkin beers out there. But we prefer a beer that compliments a slice of pie rather than drinking a slice of pie, which is why ours is based on the classic dessert, not the gourd. Our twist: Punkel has no pumpkin. It’s a dark, malty German lager enhanced by cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger. Perfect for weather only Texans would consider “fall.”

Dark copper hue
Toasted caramel malt
Pumpkin pie spicing
Light to medium body
PAIRS WELL WITH: Smoked Gruyere, Turkey Legs, Food Comas”

Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Co in Glass

Punkel by Lakewood Brewing Co in Glass

They really got me with that food comas line.  Lakewood went all in with the Thanksgiving motif.

Now on to the taste test:

Punkel pours out medium brown with a head of white foam.

It smells like a dark Belgian beer with a good helping of pumpkin pie spices.  I got a lot of cinnamon and nutmeg in the smell.

The taste on this beer is shockingly good.  It’s really not sweet at all which I think is a good thing.

You get the Dunkel base with lots of spice flavors.  You get lots of cinnamon, nutmeg and some spice from the ginger.

The pumpkin flavor is implied in the beer because of the spices, so your brain kind of makes you think the pumpkin flavor is in there somewhere.  It’s not though, and that is probably the genius of this beer.

Everything just works really well together and balances out to be a really good beer.  Lakewood picked the perfect base for their pumpkin beer, too.  The Dunkel works great.

This is far and away the best pumpkin beer that I’ve ever had.  Kudos to Lakewood for cooking this up.

I was pretty sure that I was always going to be disappointed by all pumpkin beers, but here we are.  I actually just went to the beer store and bought some more.

I even like the little pumpkin skull and crossbones logo on the bottle.  This beer is a winner, plus I just saw it on tap at a DFW growler fill place.  Go try it.


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