Red Wine Barrel-Aged Till & Toil by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Till & Toil by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Till & Toil by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Till & Toil by Lakewood Brewing Co Taste Test

To be totally honest, I stumbled upon this beer by dumb luck.  I was creeping around the Lakewood Growler website, and happened to notice it.  Then I rushed over there to make sure that the keg didn’t run out before I got there.

I’ve had Till & Toil several times and really like it, so I was excited to see what barrel aging with red wine barrels would do for this beer.

Check out my taste test of Till & Toil here.

Here is what Lakewood Brewing Co’s website says about Red Wine Till & Toil:


RELEASED: Late Spring

STYLE: Saison aged in various red wine barrels

ABV: 8.2%

IBU: 21

SRM: 4

OG: 1.065


SERVE: Large Wine Glass at 45˚-50˚
Sometimes after a long day of work, not just any ol’ saison will do. That’s why we created this special treat to end those ever-lengthening spring days. We’ve taken our spring seasonal saison and aged it in various red wine barrels for a truly unique and tasty brew. It’s a marriage of rustic and sophisticated. The farm just got a little touch of class.

Crisp and tart
Rich tannin notes
Musty farmhouse quality
Smooth, slightly dry finish”

I was able to get a few more comments from Lakewood about this beer’s origin and their plans for it in the future:

“We have a family friend that owns Lost Oak winery in Burleson. A few years ago we bought a few of their barrels and since it was spring at the time we put Till in it as an experiment. We liked it so much that we’ve been slowly increasing the number of wine barrels. Sine this beer takes almost 12 months to get the most out of the barrel it’s been slower to grow in size than some of our other releases. Another fun fact: since we taste each barrel individually before blending sometimes there are one or two barrels that really stand out. This years release we had two barrels that met that criteria. One was a Tempranillo and the other a Merlot. We showcased those at our anniversary parties so that people could experience the difference just one barrel can make.”

Pretty cool peak behind the curtain.  Thanks to Lakewood for responding to my request for more info.  I really appreciate it.

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Now on to the taste test:

RWT&T pours out a lot clearer than I was expecting for a barrel aged beer.  I then realized that the barrel aged beers that I’ve had were all very dark and aged in whiskey barrels, so this was pretty much a first for me.

The smell of this beer is pretty wild.  I got a heavy dose of white wine before my nose even got close to the glass.  You do get some of the fruity ester aromas coming through from the Till & Toil though.

My tasting notes literally say, “What a blend of flavors! This is the perfect beer for red wine barrels!” So it’s safe to say that this is good beer.

You get a lot of the crisp and fruity Saison flavors, and they mix really well with the wine grape flavor from the barrels.

One of the closest comparisons that I can make to this beer is the Vinho Verde style of wine if you’ve had that.  This is not as tart as Vinho Verde, but in general the flavors are fairly close.  The bubbles and the fruit flavors of this beer mixing with the wine grape flavor from the barrels is really, really unique and good.

I would highly recommend that you grab some of this beer if you get a chance.  Now I just need to get into the Lakewood Anniversary party and try their best barrels.

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