River House Saison by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

River House Saison by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

River House Saison by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

River House Saison by Martin House Brewing Co Taste Test

I think that Tank 7 out of Boulevard Brewing was the first Saison or Farmhouse Ale that I ever had.  That beer will get you drunk.

Then I tried Till & Toil out of Lakewood Brewing, and that is another winner.  Who knew that I was becoming a big fan of Saisons in the summer?  Also, Belgian beers are really growing on me which is a new development.

That brings us to River House by Martin House Brewing Co.  I had it on a hot summer night in August, which I think is just about the perfect environment for this beer.

Here is what Martin House has to say about their Texas Saison:

“The River House is a pale colored and sessionable beer at about 5% abv. We created this beer to satisfy the thirst of both aficionados and novices. The River House Saison is something refreshing and easy drinking, but with an exciting and fascinating flavor. A special yeast blend created by Martin House gives this beer hints pepper and earthiness. Plenty of flavor and aroma hops yield a floral and citrusy essence.”

Here is what CraftBeer.com says a Belgian-style Saison should resemble:

Beers in this category are pale to deep light brown in color. Often bottle-conditioned, with some yeast character and high carbonation. Belgian-style saison may have Brettanomyces or lactic character, and fruity, horsey, goaty and/or leather-like. aromas and flavors. Specialty ingredients, including spices, may contribute a unique and signature character. Commonly called ‘farmhouse ales’ and originating as summertime beers in Belgium, these are not just warm-weather treats. U.S. craft brewers brew them year-round and have taken to adding a variety of additional ingredients.”

Now on to the taste test:

River House Saison in Glass

River House Saison in Glass

River House pours out a hazy golden yellow color with a thick head of white foam.  The beer looks to be very carbonated.

You can really smell the Belgian yeast.  You get those good fruity esters on the nose along with a floral and almost sour smell.

The flavor is maltier than I expected.  You get some good citrus flavors with a nice bite from all of the carbonation.

I got a lot of fruity flavors from the yeast, but they blend really well with the malts.

River House isn’t particularly sour which is something you can get from Saisons.  It’s almost kind of bready from the malts, but I really like it.

I thought that the finish on this beer was really good, too.  All of the fruit qualities almost make the finish sort of juicy.

I’m a big fan of this beer, and apparently Saisons in general.  This is a cool type of beer with an interesting history, so I’m glad to see that some local brewers are making their own versions.


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