Rude Jester IPA by Rabbit Hole Brewing

Rude Jester IPA by Rabbit Hole Brewing

Rude Jester IPA by Rabbit Hole Brewing

Rude Jester IPA by Rabbit Hole Brewing

This is my second taste test of a Rabbit Hole Brewing beer.  Check out Off With Your Red here.

I’m pretty proud of my pour on this beer (see picture immediately to the right).  That’s a nice pour, right?  Anyways …

Brewery Co-Founder Tom Anderson was nice enough to send over some background on Rude Jester.  Thanks to him for taking the time to email with a super cool beer blogger man like me.

Here is what he said:

“RHB waited a year and a half before doing an American style IPA because we wanted to make sure we had something a little different to add to the tap walls. Instead we started with an English style pale for our hoppy beer with 10/6 and followed a year later with a seasonal American IPA.

With Rude Jester we think we found a different approach by focusing on a more unique citrus and tropical fruit flavor and and a balanced bitterness to some simple, but noticeable malt bill.

At 7.5% ABV and 74 IBUs it is brewed to classic IPA strength, but with a focus on late hop additions and significant dry hopping, rude jester oozes hop flavor without overwhelming the palate with pure bitterness.

Aromas of grapefruit, pineapple and mango with more mango and citrus in the flavor lend a unique tropical note. Come to think of it, I want to go to a beach right now….”

I love the strategy on this beer, plus the recognition that the DFW IPA market is pretty strong.

Here is what the Rabbit Hole Brewing website says about Rude Jester:

“Rude Jester is an American-Style IPA with crisp lingering bitterness and an assertive hop flavor and aroma. A subtle, yet simple malt profile supports the hops up front, and then steps aside to allow the hops to steal the attention of all those partaking. Rude Jester combines the strong citrus qualities of the Centennial hop with tropical notes from the Mosaic hop to create a unique fruity hop flavor and a pungent, intoxicating hop aroma. Rude Jester IPA is no jest weighing in at 6.5% ABV and 72 IBUs, but it would just be Rude not to have another.”

Now on to the taste test:

Image from

Rude Jester pours a copper color with a thick head of foam.

I got strong notes of pine and tropical citrus fruit on this beer.  The hop aromas are fantastic.  I think pineapple is probably the leading factor on the nose.

The flavor follows the smell with tons of piney and tropical fruit flavor.  There is some bitterness from all of the hops, but like Tom’s description said, it is not the least bit overwhelming.

After a couple sips, I decided that the fruit flavor from the hops was grapefruit, pineapple and apricot (that’s pretty close to mango, right?).

The malts provide a nice venue for all of the hop flavors, but besides that, they are not a huge factor in the flavor.

Rude Jester’s finish is bitter, crisp and piney, and it hangs with you for a little while.

This is a really good IPA, and I think the most impressive part of the beer is what Rabbit Hole achieved with the hops.  They managed to pull out the flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruit, pine and bitterness in a remarkable balance.

There are a lot of IPAs that hit one or two of those elements hard, but it’s really something to bring all of those flavors into a beer without everything just stomping each other out.

Thanks again to Tom for the Rude Jester background info.

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