The Salty Lady Gose by Martin House Brewing Co

The Salty Lady Gose by Martin House Brewing Co

The Salty Lady Gose by Martin House Brewing Co

The Salty Lady Gose by Martin House Brewing Co

Full disclosure… I tried this beer last year, and it didn’t go great.  I wasn’t a fan.  I knew that other people really liked this beer, so I figured it was just my taste.

Then I heard a podcast interview of Cody Martin (Martin House Founder) where he said that The Salty Lady had become their best selling beer.

That’s bonkers.  Most people didn’t even know what a Gose was a few years ago, and now it’s the best selling beer at Martin House?  Bonkers.

So I decided that I had to try it again.  I tried and really liked Play Date Sour Blonde Ale from Deep Ellum, so I went for it a second time with The Salty Lady.

Here is what Martin House says about The Salty Lady:

“The Salty Lady is our interpretation of a Gose – a rather obscure, tart, salty German style beer. Our version is soured in the kettle with a lactic culture. The tartness is tempered by salt additions from around the world and finished with coriander for a citrus and earthy touch. We ferment with our house saison yeast to put our own little spin on the style. Its flavor is reminiscent of a sports drink at the end of a 110 degree day.”

Here is what says a Gose should resemble:


Straw to medium amber, gose is cloudy from suspended yeast. A wide variety of herbal, spice, floral or fruity aromas other than found in traditional Leipzig-Style Gose are present, in harmony with other aromas. Salt (table salt) character is traditional in low amounts, but may vary from absent to present. Body is low to medium-low. Low to medium lactic acid character is evident in all examples as sharp, refreshing sourness.”

Now for the taste test:

The Salty Lady Gose in Glass

The Salty Lady Gose in Glass

The Salty Lady pours out a straw yellow with some fizz but not the type of head that you would expect from other beer styles.

I got a lot of tart and sour on the nose.  The smell is really unique and brings in some lemon and citric acid elements.

The flavor is tart but a little less tart than the smell with a salty aftertaste.  You will definitely taste the salt additions.

This is a very crisp and kind of fizzy beer.

I liked the sour flavor because it’s very present, but it’s not at all overpowering.  It made me think of the sourness from a lemon.

If you search through the tartness, I think that you can definitely taste the light malts in the background.  They do a nice job of balancing out the overall flavor of this beer.

This may be the perfect beer to reach for after mowing the lawn on a hot day, and I totally get the comparison to a sports drink with the lemon and salt.

I felt like the more I drank, the better this beer got.  Maybe that was my palate getting used to the flavor.

The Salty Lady is a super refreshing beer.  Take it with you for your next trip to the lake.  I feel like it would really shine in that environment.

So my second try at The Salty Lady went much better than my first.  I must be growing and becoming a better person, right?

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