Shannon IPA by Shannon Brewing Co

Shannon IPA by Shannon Brewing Co

Shannon IPA by Shannon Brewing Co

Shannon IPA by Shannon Brewing Co

I’ve tried a couple other Shannon Beers.  Check out those reviews here:

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Also for the record, my wife really liked the Shannon Chocolate Stout.  I need to get a review of that up.  Stay tuned.

I love a good IPA, and I would be willing to bet that I have more IPAs and double IPAs on the site than any other type of beer.  So I’m glad that it is time to taste test the IPA from Shannon Brewing Co.

Here is what Shannon says about their IPA:

“Shannon IPA (India Pale Ale) — Year Round (Available in kegs and cans)
Shannon IPA is a beautiful blend of Ireland and the Pacific Northwest. Our IPA recipe starts out as an English-style IPA giving it a malt forward profile that intentionally avoids the aggressive bitterness of most American IPAs. We then dry-hop our IPA to give it the extra hop aroma that is lacking in most English-style IPAs…yes, it is a Goldilocks beer…it’s just right!

ALC by Vol: 5.6%    •   IBU: 63   •   SRM: 14   •   Serve At: 40º F – 50º F
Awards: 2016 Silver Medal — Best of Craft Beer Awards”

Now it’s time for the taste test:

Shannon IPA in Glass

Shannon IPA in Glass

Shannon IPA pours out a golden amber color with a thick head of white foam.

There is a strong bitter hop aroma with some sweetness from the malts.  I also got some nice pine and grapefruit notes with maybe a very slight pineapple or tropical citrus in there, as well.

The flavor is totally different from what I was expecting based off the smell.

This beer has a toasty and almost smokey flavor.  It must be from the way that they roast their malts, but it’s really unique.

I got some good bitter and piney hop flavor, but that is rivaled by the smokey notes.

After drinking a little more, I started to think that the roasted flavor almost makes this beer feel more like a hoppy red ale than a traditional IPA, but that’s probably too strong of a statement.

The finish is nice and long and bitter which is something that I like to see on any IPA.

Overall, I really enjoyed drinking this beer.  The first taste wasn’t what I was expecting, but the flavor grew on me the more I drank.  And by the end, I wanted another one, so that’s always a good sign for any beer.

This is definitely a unique take on an IPA, but I get it.  Every brewery in DFW and everywhere else in the country has an IPA, so if you are going to put one out at this point, you really have to give people a reason to drink it.

Shannon’s IPA has a unique flavor that should help it stick in your memory, and that’s a good strategy.


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