Sin Mint Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co

Sin Mint Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co

Sin Mint Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co

Sin Mint Temptress by Lakewood Brewing Co

I’m a huge fan of Lakewood Brewing Co’s Temptress series of beers.  Check out my other reviews:

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I’m on the hunt for some Raspberry Temptress next, so stay tuned.

Anyways, I had heard that the Sin Mint version of Temptress was like a liquid Thin Mint cookie, and that sounds like a huge winner to me.

Here is what Lakewood says about Sin Mint Temptress:


RELEASED: Fourth Quarter (November)

STYLE: Imperial Milk Stout w/ fresh mint, graham cracker, and natural flavors

ABV: 9.1%

IBU: 56

SRM: 33

OG: 1.091

AVAILABILITY: Draft, 22oz bottle

SERVE: Snifter at 50˚-55˚
This is our not-so-subtle homage to a sweet something that’s hiding in our freezers. Harmonious flavors of fresh mint, vanilla, and a touch of graham cracker enhance the already rich chocolate profile of the beer. It’s delightfully sinful, pleasurably minty, and tastes kind of like a really good cookie. We just won’t say which one.

Fresh mint aroma
Rich mint chocolate
Baked cookies
Smooth, cooling finish
PAIRS WELL WITH: Cookies, S’mores, Fudge, Guilty Pleasures”

Now for the taste test:

Sin Mint Temptress in glass

Sin Mint Temptress in glass

Sin Mint Temptress pours out almost black with a head of tan foam.

It smells like a mint chocolate milkshake…or maybe a Thin Mint cookie.  It’s kind of amazing.

After a few whiffs, I decided that it probably smells the most like a slightly less sweet Andes Mint.  Lots of chocolate and mint on the nose.

The taste follows the smell pretty closely.  I totally see the liquid Thin Mint comparison.  It’s great stuff.

Again, I think that it follows the Andes Mint flavor type with lots of chocolate and lots of mint.

After the first few sips, you can definitely taste the graham cracker in there as well.  I think that helps to lend to the cookie feel that Sin Mint has.

There are still the classic Temptress elements like dark chocolate and coffee, and they are the perfect base for this version.

I really think that someone at Lakewood Brewing Co is brilliant because they have managed to turn one of my favorite beers into 3 of my favorite beers.  Mole Temptress was unique and tasty, but French Quarter and Sin Mint are on a totally different level.

I was originally worried that this beer might get a little hard to drink because of the overall sweetness and heaviness of the beer, but I didn’t have any trouble with my bomber.  In fact, I am going to have trouble not racing out to get more of this beer.

It’s really good.  If you like any other version of Temptress, or Andes Mints, or Thin Mint cookies, I think that you will really like Sin Mint Temptress.

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