Sir William’s English Brown Ale by Grapevine Craft Brewery Taste Test

Sir William’s English Brown Ale by Grapevine Craft Brewery Taste Test

Sir William's English Brown Ale by Grapevine Craft Brewery Taste Test

Sir William’s English Brown Ale by Grapevine Craft Brewery Taste Test

I’ve had both the Lakefire Rye Pale Ale and the NightWatch Oatmeal Stout from Grapevine Craft Brewery, and both of those were good beers.  So I was looking forward to working my way through the rest of their rotation.

The next stop on my tour of GCB’s beers is Sir William’s English Brown Ale.  I think that Brown Ales are typically super approachable and pretty easy-drinking, so I was looking forward to this beer.

Here is what Grapevine Craft Brewery has to say about Sir William’s:

The English do it right, there is no doubt. But Texans do it better. This brown ale is based off of the traditional English style brown ale but carries a heartier malt profile and a more balanced approach to the style for the American palette. With a light to medium body, the Sir William’s is easy drinking but doesn’t lack in complexity from roasted and specialty malts. This beer is hopped with traditional Goldings and Target hops. Let’s face it, when you’ve been mayor for almost 40 years, you deserve your own beer. This is our tribute to all those who have served our community and continue to do so. We hope you like it, because we do.

IBUs: 21 | Alc. by Vol: 4.9% | Body: Medium
Hops:Target and Goldings
Malt Makeup: 2-row Pale Malt · Chocolate Malt · English Brown Malt & Crystal Malt
Fermentation: English Ale Yeast, Medium Estery”

Here is what says an English Brown Ale should resemble:

English-style brown ales range from dryer (Northern English) to sweeter (Southern English) maltiness. Roast malt tones (chocolate, nutty) may sometimes contribute to the flavor and aroma profile. Hop bitterness is very low to low, with very little hop flavor and aroma. Known for rich and advanced malt aroma and flavor without centering too much on hops, this style is extremely sessionable and food-friendly.”

Sir William's in Glass

Sir William’s in Glass

Sir William’s pours a nice brown color with a good head of off white foam.

I got tons of malt aromas on this beer.  You get both the roasted and chocolaty malts on the nose.  I could also smell a slight bitter hop aroma if I searched for it.

This beer is really smooth and drinkable.  The flavor is really driven by the toasty malt flavors.  I got a lot of the roast malt flavor initially, but the chocolate malts came through the more I drank.

There’s not a lot of hops to this beer, but you do get a little bit of bittering flavor which is a nice addition to the overall balance of Sir William’s.

To me, this beer seems like it would be the best fit for fall weather.  It’s not a huge beer, but I don’t really find myself drinking a lot of darker beers during the summer.

I also think that this would be a good beer to suggest to someone who only drinks light beers.  Sir William’s would be a good transition to the world of dark beer.

I look forward to drinking a few of these bad boys while watching some football games this fall.


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