State of the DFW Beer Scene – Early 2016

State of the DFW Beer Scene – Early 2016

State of the DFW Beer Scene - Early 2016

State of the DFW Beer Scene – Early 2016

I was thinking about this, and I think that I’m going to try to do a State of the DFW Beer Scene a couple times per year.  So here it is in all it’s glory:  State of the DFW Beer Scene – Early 2016!

I’ve heard murmurs of people wondering (and wondered in my own brain) if the DFW craft beer market is nearing saturation.  I’m all about craft beer, so this is something that initially worried me.

I mean, think about never being able to snag a pint/bottle/can/growler of your favorite local beer again.  Yuck.

We had a couple of causalities last year with Firewheel Brewing Co (their Twitter feed is still firing lots of untappd updates, tho) and Bearded Eel Brewery (their Twitter has gone silent).  I read several theories on what caused these closings, and I don’t believe that market saturation is to blame.

DFW is currently carrying somewhere between 30 and 40 breweries and brew pubs depending on where you draw the boundaries, and it initially sounds like a lot.

Just think, Peticolas just celebrated their 4th anniversary, and they were the 4th brewery to open in the Metroplex.  Let that sink in for a second.

Community Beer Co just celebrated their 3rd anniversary and (to me at least) it seems like they have been around forever.

For simplicity sake, let’s say that there are 35 breweries in the Metroplex.  According to Wikipedia, there are 6 million people in the 12 county DFW Metroplex area.  That’s 171,429 people per brewery.  I understand that not all of those people are of beer drinking age and persuasion, but that’s a lot regardless.

The other big time beer markets in the US that I hear about are typically Denver, San Diego and Portland.  Let’s look at those guys compared to DFW.

Let’s start with Denver.  Their population is about 650,000 according to Google, and lists 193 breweries on their website.  193.  That’s 3,368 people per brewery.  Clearly in order to sustain that many breweries, they have to focus on sales outside of Colorado.

San Diego has 1,356,000 people per Google, and Wikipedia claims “more than 100 breweries in San Diego county.”  Let’s call it 105.  That’s more than 100.  That would put them at 12,914 people per brewery.

Finally, Portland has about 610,000 people and according to there are 91 breweries in the Portland metro area.  That means they have 6,703 people per brewery.

So why am I shoving math in your face?  What’s my point?

My point is that DFW has the population to support way more breweries than we currently have based on the stats of other big time beer cities.  Granted, the big breweries in those cities helped to create the market and have national reach, but it looks like we could add several more breweries in the Metroplex without them having to rely heavily on sales from outside DFW.

This post is obviously just one statistic and other demographics matter, but it makes me feel better about all of the breweries that are opening up.

Also, it would be good with me if the stat allowed the breweries to sell their products at the brewery for off-site consumption.  That would probably boost their sales a little bit, also.

I heard a podcast last year where Michael Peticolas was talking about them opening as the 4th brewery in town compared to everyone who is out there now, and he said that he would be a lot more worried about opening now.  I totally understand that point of view (because it’s not my money/livelihood on the line), but I think that there is still room in DFW if you have great beer and a solid plan.

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