Tarantula Hawk India Red Ale by Wild Acre Brewing Co

Tarantula Hawk India Red Ale by Wild Acre Brewing Co

Tarantula Hawk India Red Ale by Wild Acre Brewing Co

Tarantula Hawk India Red Ale by Wild Acre Brewing Co

Wild Acre is a fairly new brewery (at the time of this post) to the metroplex, and I was lucky enough to swing by Lakewood Growler right after they did a tap takeover.

I’m a big hops guy, so the Tarantula Hawk India Red Ale jumped out at me.  I tried a sample and got a growler filled without any hesitation.

I guess the Imperial Texas by Martin House and Off With Your Red by Rabbit Hole are the most similar beer that I’ve tried to this one, although Velvet Hammer from Peticolas is definitely in the same league, as well.  All three of those are fantastic beers by the way.

I like the added complexity of the malts in a red ale with the big hop additions like an IPA.  It’s nice little change of pace.

Now for the taste test:

Tarantula Hawk India Red Ale pours amber red with a head of off white foam.

I was a little surprised by how transparent the beer is, although I don’t think that is really a good or bad thing.  It’s just something that I noticed right away.

Great tropical hops on the nose.  I felt like this beer has some Citra or very similar to Citra hops in it because of all the tropical citrus aromas.

I didn’t get much in the way of bitter in the smell.  It’s pretty much all floral and tropical notes from the hops.

The flavor follows the smell pretty closely with tons of tropical and citrus hop flavor.  The taste also gave me the impression that Citra hops were in the mix.

There is more bitterness in the taste and I thought that mixed really well with all the tropical notes.

You get some of the medium roast flavor from the malts that you would expect from a red ale.  That provides a nice balance to the beer and adds some complexity over you standard IPA.

The malt flavor comes out more after a few sips.

I really like this beer.  The body might be a little lighter that you would expect for a IRA, but the hop flavor is fantastic.

I picture drinking this beer at a tailgate before a football game in the fall once the weather cools off a little bit.  I think a beer like this would really shine in that environment.

The last part of my tasting notes says “Great hops” and that is definitely the part of this beer that jumped out the most at me.

If you are a hop head, you will really like this one.  I saw that Wild Acre got a can design approved for this beer, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Stay tuned for more taste tests of Wild Acre beers as I can get my hands on them.


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