Taste Test Four Corners Brewery El Chingon IPA

Taste Test Four Corners Brewery El Chingon IPA

Four Corners El Chingon IPA

Four Corners El Chingon IPA

I’ve actually been to the Four Corners brewery, but not for a tour.  It was a different experience.

My wife was taking a self defense boot camp at a place called Chamberlains, and someone in her class was somehow associated with Four Corners.  Because of this connection they decided to have a workout class at the brewery with beers afterwards.

It would have been a little better if it wasn’t the dead heat of summer, and if I wasn’t watching my then 5-ish month old son by myself during the 90 minute long workout.  Thank goodness for the beers at the end.

Anyways, the brewery is cool.  Small, but their beers are very tasty.

Now, on to the El Chingon IPA.  The Four Corners website has an amazingly short description of this beer.

“We used several varieties of bold American hops balanced with Munich malt. After brewing, we dry hop the beer for intense fresh hop aroma.”

That’s it.  Very to the point.

Four Corners El Chingon Can

Four Corners El Chingon IPA Can

A fun side note with Four Corners beers is the full open tops that they use on their cans.  I’m a simple person, so I always get a kick out of this.

This beer pours well out of the fancy can.  I always prefer to drink IPAs out of a glass.  It seems to let the full flavor out better than a can or bottle.

The aroma is dead on with what the beer tastes like.  You get a big blast of bitter hops on the nose.  I didn’t really get any grapefruit or piney aromas that are common from a lot of IPAs.

The flavor follows that smell.  Lots of bitter hop flavor.  I didn’t get any fruit or pine or really much except for that big and fairly bold bitter hop.

This is a good IPA, and in my humble opinion, a nice take on it.  Mine tasted crisp and fresh just like you want from a local brew.

Four Corners El Chingon IPA in Glass

Four Corners El Chingon IPA in Glass

This might not be the best beer for a sweltering summer day in DFW, but it should be about perfect for a cool fall or spring evening (or day if that suits you).

Look out for the Local Buzz from Four Corners also.  That’s a pretty tasty beer for the summer, and it’s brewed with locally sourced honey.

Thanks for the read.  Email any questions or suggestions to dfwbrews@gmail.com.

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