Thrilla in Brazilla IPA by Peticolas Brewing Co Taste Test

Thrilla in Brazilla IPA by Peticolas Brewing Co Taste Test

Thrilla in Brazilla IPA by Peticolas Brewing Co Taste Test

Thrilla in Brazilla IPA by Peticolas Brewing Co Taste Test

I saw a tweet from Peticolas a couple weeks ago saying that they were bringing this beer back because of popular demand and the timing of some soccer events.

This is really good news because Peticolas brews some tasty beers like Operation Collaboration IPA from earlier this year.

I sent Michael Peticolas an email asking about the backstory and details about this beer, and he was nice enough to respond.  Here is what he said about Thrilla in Brazilla:

“Here’s the genesis of Thrilla:

We brewed this American IPA specifically for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Thrilla in Brazilla was released June 12, the day of World Cup match 1 between Brazil and Croatia. The beer was initially featured at pubs agreeing to show a match watching party for the opener. The beer was then released to the rest of the market and it remained available until July 12, the day of the World Cup final.

With the women’s World Cup, Copa America, and Gold Cup all playing out this summer, we got the itch to brew Thrilla again.  Not to mention the number of requests we received to brew it.  The icing on the cake was the Gold cup opener in Frisco Texas between the US and Honduras.  Given that the men’s national team originally inspired the beer, we thought their tournament opener in our back yard merited its return.  In fact, in honor of the occasion, we are throwing a huge tailgate outside of the stadium prior to kickoff.

As for the beers characteristics:

IPA / 7.5% ABV / 75 IBU

Thrilla in Brazilla is gold in color with a tight white head of foam. The fruity-ester aroma is high to very high. Hop aroma is further characterized by high amounts of citrus with a slightly resinous character in the background. The aroma follows through to the taste with citrusy characters dancing on the palette, including the presence of fresh oranges. Thrilla is a medium bodied beer with medium high hop bitterness. As always, this beer is balanced.”

I really appreciate Michael taking the time to respond to me, and providing so much insight into this beer’s story.

Thrilla in Brazilla IPA

I ran by Lakewood Growler last week to get myself some Thrilla (as you can see from the growler in the picture).

This beer pours out a kind of light copper and yellowish color with a good head of white foam.

The aroma is hoppy and fresh.  I got a lot of piney hop aromas with some slight bitterness, also.

The flavor is really hoppy while somehow maintaining a lighter body that your average american IPA.

I got lots of piney and bitter hops on the front end with a fresh, citrusy finish.  The citrus flavor is much more orange than grapefruit.

Thrilla is a really fresh and crisp beer that is a great fit for the heat of a Texas summer.  I can see why Peticolas went for a lighter body on a beer that was meant to be enjoyed during the 2014 World Cup in June and July.

I really like this beer, and strongly recommend that people check it out before it’s gone again.  Who knows if we will ever see Thrilla again.  World Cup 2018 maybe?

Thanks again to Michael Peticolas for his input.

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