Till & Toil Saison by Lakewood Brewing Co. Taste Test

Till & Toil Saison by Lakewood Brewing Co. Taste Test

Till & Toil Saison by Lakewood Brewing Co

Till & Toil Saison by Lakewood Brewing Co.

I remember a time in my life before I realized how awesome seasonal beers are.  Those were sad and kinda dumb days for me and my beer consumption.

Thankfully, I came to understand that people much more clever than myself had figured out what styles of beer tasted the best in which time of year.  Was that a sentence?

The Till & Toil by Lakewood Brewing Co. is the perfect example of this.  They roll this guy out from February to April every year when the weather gets warmer and everything is thawing out from winter.

Here is the CraftBeer.com description of what a Saison should resemble:

Beers in this category are pale to deep light brown in color. Often bottle-conditioned, with some yeast character and high carbonation. Belgian-style saison may have Brettanomyces or lactic character, and fruity, horsey, goaty and/or leather-like. aromas and flavors. Specialty ingredients, including spices, may contribute a unique and signature character. Commonly called ‘farmhouse ales’ and originating as summertime beers in Belgium, these are not just warm-weather treats. U.S. craft brewers brew them year-round and have taken to adding a variety of additional ingredients.”

The Tank 7 by Boulevard was the first Farmhouse Ale that I can remember having, and that is a good beer.  Not a beer that you can chug, though.  Trust me.

Here is Lakewood’s description of the Till & Toil:

Till & Toil Bottle

Till & Toil Bottle


SEASON: Spring (February – April)

STYLE: Saison

ABV: 7.1%

IBU: 21

SRM: 3

OG: 1.065

AVAILABILITY: Draft, 6-pack – 12 oz. bottle

SERVE: Tulip at 45˚-50˚
Whether tilling a field, toiling through the day, or simply enjoying a brunch on a hady patio, Texans know how to work up a thirst. Luckily, Till & Toil™ is here to help. Tropical fruit and citrus notes derived from Citra and Mosaic hops balance this thirst-quenching ale. Traditionally enjoyed by farmers after a long day laboring in the sun, saisons (French for “seasons”) are the perfect reward for a hard day’s work. Although to be honest, ours is a good reward for just about anything.

Till & Toil in Glass

Till & Toil in Glass

Crisp and tart
Bright, juicy fruit esters
Tropical hop aroma
Effervescent, slightly dry finish”

The smell on this beer is almost sour with some tropical fruit like bananas or pineapple.  It smells really good.

This is a really bright and refreshing beer.  The flavor is also a little sour, but it blends well with the overall flavor.

It’s almost like the beer version of an unoaked chardonnay if you’re familiar with that style of wine.  Hopefully that isn’t too weird of a comparison.  It’s much better than white wine.  I promise.

This is a great beer for Spring.  It’s refreshing enough that it could almost lead you into a trap with it’s 7.1% abv.  I can see having a few of these in the afternoon and then needing an early bedtime.

I had someone who used to work for Lakewood Brewing tell me that this was the perfect brunch beer, and I think that guy was right.  I’m not much of a guy for brunch, but if you find yourself at one, hopefully a Till & Toil is available.  That would make it much more bearable.

Thanks for the read.  Find me on Twitter @dfwbrews and hit me up at dfwbrews@gmail.com with any comments.

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