Triple Yessir! from Community Beer Co

Triple Yessir! from Community Beer Co

Triple Yessir from Community Brewery

Triple Yessir! from Community Beer Co

I saw Community post on social media about putting out a Triple IPA for their 3rd anniversary and thought that sounded like a great idea.

Mosiac IPA is easily in the discussion for best IPA in DFW, so the idea of Community ramping that up to a triple is fantastic.

This is a keg-only release, so you will need to find it at your favorite local beer bar/growler fill.

Here is what Community says about Triple Yessir:

“We are super excited to announce TRIPLE YESSIR! – our 3 Year Anniversary Beer debuting 1/23! This monster TRIPLE IPA registers at 12% ABV and 105 IBUs. It’s aggressively hopped with all of our favorite varieties: Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Hallertau Blanc, and has astounding notes of dank pine tree, mango, pineapple, and melon. We’re sure it’ll leave you saying ‘Yessir!'”

You can tell from the description that they are extremely proud of this beer.

I’ve had some double IPAs, but this might be the first triple that I’ve ever had.

Now for the taste test:

Triple Yessir! pours out a rich almost amber color with a head of white foam.  It almost has an apple cider type of appearance.

The smell is super piney and has strong grapefruit notes.  There is also a sweetness to the smell from all of the malts.  It smells great.

The flavor of this beer is huge.  It’s more malty than I was originally expecting, but I guess that makes sense if you are shooting for a 12% ABV beer.

There is a ton of piney, bitter and resinous hop flavor.  It’s not as fruity as I thought it might be with Citra hops in the mix, but it really drives home those classic bitter and piney hop flavors.

The strong malt backbone gives Triple Yessir! a nice smooth finish.  Community did a nice job of maintaining balance despite the overall huge-ness of this beer.

If you aren’t a hop head then this just isn’t going to be your beer, but that might go without saying.

Also, at 12% ABV, this is a beer that will catch up to you very quickly if you drink more than one or two, so plan accordingly.

I really enjoyed this beer.  Sometimes you can wind up with an overdone beer when people try these big, huge IPAs, but Triple Yessir! was pretty easy to drink in spite of the huge ABV and IBU numbers.

Not to date this article, but I just saw that Lakewood Growler tapped a fresh keg of Triple Yessir! today (3/17/16), so hurry over there and grab some before it’s gone.  Community says that this is a pretty limited release, so don’t waste any time.

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